We officially launched our website this weekend, with the first article “The Daily ROI Dilemma.” Even if we’re not ready with everything, for example, our Tron Podcast, Troncast, we’re working as much as possible on all our Swisstron projects. So stay tuned what we’ve planned to keep you informed with the best Tron Community news, directly from the source, as accurate as possible.

Momographics, a P3T Tron Community member on Telegram, sent us in a YouTube video, where a guy talked about the coming up game from 1UP. He used our website to get the information, and we were excited to see us in his video. So thanks to this mysterious guy, you made our day.

In the last article, I talked about the daily ROI dilemma, and how the whole story affected the community. I also spoke about other ROIs in the universe going down right now, and it looks like big players like Tronbank and Bankroll are going to zero in a few days – For the most of us, without profits, but mostly losses. An ROI is a timing story, and then you have always a 50:50 chance to get out break even. And even if I was into Bankroll since the very first beginning, I see that my test wallet will not make profits. The story on Tronbank is entirely different, there I’m making profits already, but it wasn’t possible without bringing a few referrals into the game. At this moment I can say, that if you can’t go in the very first minute with a significant amount of money, and you can’t bring in a few referrals that also invest a lot, you can’t come out breakeven from such contracts. And there is always the risk of an exit scam, which happened already with Lambolotto, and probably also with Tronkeys, and Bankroll2K: Both sites are offline already since a while, this is unusual. But it’s just what I think, and it has not to be right.

I talked about the first 1UP game coming soon, and maybe it’s ROI can last a bit longer because of the system behind it. But I didn’t talk about the P3T Play tokens enough. I don’t want to encourage you to invest in something, just because I’m talking about it. So do your research. But I want to say, that I’m actively investing in the P3T token. I love the brand and the idea behind it. They want to make sure about the DApp universe that people can get trusted games. And as a Community News site, we want to make sure the same in our world. So I believe that my investments in the P3T token will pay off one day. Let’s see.

Please enjoy this informative YouTube video, a lot is explained there about the upcoming 1UP game: The calculations regarding the 90% going back to the community, I think, that the 2% Power Up Cards is something that comes in, not going out. But I may be wrong here, let’s see what the future says. I think that the Power Up Cards sounds like another project. Doesn’t it?