I don’t want to talk
About the things we’ve gone through
Though it’s hurting me
Now it’s history
I’ve played all my cards
And that’s what you’ve done too
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play
The winner takes it all
The loser standing small

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and a public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that any involved record cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks. With this short description of what a blockchain is, and the song “The Winner Takes it All” from ABBA, we will start our Daily ROI Dilemma.

It was great news, as P3T came up as first with a Daily ROI of 3.33% for Tron investors. Many people were excited, and the community was kind of like a hippy community, where everybody wanted a sort of basic income for everyone. I loved the idea, more; I was in love with the community. Everybody was doing their maths, and everybody was calculating the best strategy. But everybody knew too, that this couldn’t last forever: Greedy people will always crash such a system before then it’s potential is reached. 

And nobody calculated with that, that other ROIs would pop up with the speed of light on this Tron universe. This crashed P3T. People were attracted from other ROIs that promised much more than it’s possible to keep. But it was a good marketing strategy, and I have to be honest. One of the more significant competition, Bankroll as an example, has a beautiful interface, with every information needed. And with every extra, that average person like you and I would love; A whale protection! A TRX burn shield! What great news, back there. Everybody was excited, drained the P3T contract, and moving on to this fantastic new ROI. The admin there, Bankteller, could win many people to his project. A Whale Protection where they could not put in more than this stated amount (today it’s something around 1,2 Mil TRX), and where they couldn’t withdraw more than something between 0.05% an 0.025%.

As long people were not informed enough how the blockchain works, and how a smart contract is built, these calculations seemed fantastic. But the facts are showing right now: Bankroll lost 5% from yesterday until now, and let’s keep this real… 1,2 Mil TRX “deposit limit” is already a whale amount for much of us. And the other fact, that you can use multiple wallets (which is just typical for investors), makes this promises just null and void.

And while the P3T contract was draining, because people just collected and didn’t reinvest, the community began to come up with the scam argument. The facts are that P3T never scammed someone. They were polite and correct since the beginning and never promised me something. Everything was stated clearly on their website. And everybody knew that it was a high-risk investment. I had a lot of questions before I invested my money into this system, and I gained trust because of the honesty and sincerity that I’ve experienced. Their smart contract was not validated and verified; at the time I found this project. The validation is useful, if you want a warranty, that the contract creator can’t withdraw the whole invested amount, and steal the money from you, also known as Exit Scam. And the admin of the Telegram community there, UgOs, just answered me: “What should I say? If it’s not verified; it’s not verified.” As I asked and told him my concerns. It was honesty from the beginning. I joined this wonderful community.

As the Titanic was sinking, people kept coming, trying to destroy the P3T team, calling them out, crying, being mad, and calling them scammers. But the core community knew the truth. And the fact, that the P3T team is moving on, after the ROI dilemma, working on much greater projects, proves that they’re not a scammer at all. They came up with P3T Play, wich is a genious idea. A collection of 3rd party games, that have not to show their code off, but are validated through the P3T Team, and the strong brand. We trust P3T, so we believe the games behind it. And that the games have not to show off their code, the copycats have no chance to copy paste the project. The 3rd party games feed the P3T ecosystem, that is built around their P3T token. An ecosystem that pays token holders dividends, while other games (actually P3T own games Whale War 3 and Tron World Domination), are feeding it; Sounds promising.

The first P3T Play partner is 1UP. They’ve announced five games, and we already know the first one. It’s, tadaaa, another ROI. Even if I have to admit, that after an unsuccessful ROI, launching another ROI, can maybe the dumbest idea ever… What they are building up sounds great, and can be the first ROI that achieves longevity. Take a look at what they from 1UP say:

All users start at 1% ROI. Each day the percentage powers up by 0.02% if dividends are NOT withdrawn. If users withdraw from the ROI at any point, their percentage gains are lost, and they are reset to 1%. The daily percentage is capped at a maximum of 2%.

Reinvesting DOES NOT reset your percentage.

Users can withdraw 50% of their TOTAL invested amount at any time. 50% will go to the User, and they will no longer be able to draw NEW dividends from the contract. Think of this as a GAME OVER feature. The other 50% will remain in the contract for all the other users to benefit from.

  • Fee Breakdown:
  • Dev = 2%
  • Marketing = 2%
  • P3T Holders = 2%
  • Power Up Cards = 2%
  • Referral = 4%

Users are credited with 90% of their deposits.

What do you think? Sounds interesting. The fact, that the 1UP Telegram community has UgOs as an admin makes the whole story more trustful, as it already is thanks to the P3T Play team that manages the security for us. Even if this project seems to keep the people in the contract, and the latecomers eventually could profit too, if you want to be an early bird, join the 1UP Telegram community, follow them on Twitter, to know the very first when it launches the next days. The Swisstron Community is excited to see how this project will work out.

On one’s account: This was the first Swisstron Community News article. Swisstron focusses on facts and the stories from the communities. Since we read all day crypto news with wrong facts, especially in the Tron ecosystem, we want to keep it real. We do not provide personal investment advice, and we’re not a qualified licensed investment advisor. You take the whole responsibility on how you act.

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