If I state for the whole Swisstron team, that we try to be as most accurate as possible, with facts that everybody can easily use to understand, I have to correct it, if a statement was wrong.

In my last article, “What’s Up, 1UP?,” I wrote about two daily ROIs, Bankroll and Tronbank, where the contract is reaching 0 the next few days. And I wrote about a few possible Exit Scams, where I thought Tronkeys could be one of them because the website was offline for nearly two days. But today I rechecked and saw it’s back online. Even if I’ve stated there, that I may be wrong, I want to excuse me for the misinformation. And now it’s back to work for me, as you can see something is going on on our website, and this means that I’m doing a lot of work right now to guarantee you a valuable experience on Swisstron. So said, till next time, excited to be a part of this.