After a few weeks of tumbleweeds here on Swisstron, and on our Telegram group, I’m back with a new article. But it has to be written in the Gonzo category because I’m a bit emotional about everything that happened in the last few days. Bad emotions because I’ve left a great community behind me, and lovely feelings because I found a new virtual city in a strange, but beautiful paradise.

Let’s be real together: The Tron Community is one big community. Everything that happens in all the DApp communities is part of one big mama’s house. But also big mama’s house has different rooms, with different people, and varied interests. As I’ve already written before, ROIs are not part of my interests anymore. ROIs are not sustainable, and for every person that gains money, a few others have to lose. And this is not what I’m seeking for in the Crypto universe. I need a revolution, not just games. And I’d found it with P3T, I thought, as they decided to move on with a quality service. Yesterday a new ROI started on the P3T Play platform, called Tronwin. After a few hours, we had a contract that collected around 1.5 Mio – And a few hours later, the dice game on Tronwin was exploited, the ROI contract drained, and the dice game down.

I was so angry because as the P3T team came up with the idea of quality service, I thought it’s about quality. Tronwin, for example, states following on their website:

Is the game safe?
The game contract has been validated and audited by a separate development team – P3T, who have ensured the contract is secure and safe to play.


So two DApp Dev-Teams failed on this, and it’s not the first time. And in our Swisstron group, the feelings are mixed – We have people like Tazzo (the great one with balls), that keeps supporting the idea, hoping the P3T team will gain back the strength they had at the beginning of this year. But for me, that is crying around every time that an ROI is destroying the reputation, because every ROI has the same outcome, it’s time to leave and sell all my tokens. And I don’t understand why they keep bringing up ROIs, where people are complaining every time, in the community chat, as soon an ROI ends (as we know every ROI concludes to an empty contract), and every time accompanied by bugs. It’s a double fail for a quality service company. Wish the guys good luck, I hope they find a path out of this. I loved the hippie community I had there.

Courtesy of AcidTiger, CPR Community member:

And so I had to travel away, far far away. And Slam helped me, he showed me the way to a strange tropical island. A real paradise! Where people are friendly, happy, and motivated. A growing community of good people, where I like to be. So I’ve invested in their community token: CryptoParadiseRewards. It’s a token that it’s valued at 0.25 TRX, and will receive a 1:1 Airdrop with the primary token that will be used for future projects and is valued at 0.50 TRX then.

The CPR team just released the White Paper a few moments ago. It’s basically a roadmap, how they will proceed. Keeping the projects secret right now, to ensure, nobody will copy it from the beginning. I’m personally not a fan of those secrets. If you can focus on your community, you will have your audience, no matter what – It’s also what every successful entrepreneur will tell you. But I can definitely understand the decision. So if you want to join, here all the information you need.

Joining the Telegram group

If you want to buy CPR, you need the Telegram chat messenger. You can download it HERE for Android, or HERE for iOS. After installing it, you can join the CryptoParadise Telegram Chanel (just click on it, it will open on Telegram and prompt you to enter). You also need a Seeditbot Tron Wallet. So start the bot by clicking HERE (and open with Telegram), and join the chat with the Seeditbot. Now you’re set to receive the CPR Tokens.

Buy CPR Tokens

Click on the pinned message in the CPR Telegram group. You can see the packages that you can buy.

We want to buy the 2500 TRX package. It’s located on the third auto sell line in the pinned message. So we trade for this line by writing /trade 3 and accept the trading request.

Now we see the trading happening. And you can control your balance in your Seedit chat (talk to the Seeditbot directly).

Get CPR Tokens for FREE

There is also a possibility to get CPR Tokens for free. One option is to be active in their Telegram group, helping other people, or give advice. There are a lot of community members that share tips as soon as they get help. Sometimes also the admins are in sharing mood and tip for right answers. But actually, you can get 50 CPR an effortless way, by voting for the reputation of the CPR Token HERE (you have to register for an account, if you don’t have one). Just click on vote on the CPR Token site, then click on safe, check validate the vote, and submit:

Then take a screenshot from your voting, like this (you have to see that you’ve voted):

And finally, post it to the CPR Telegram Group…

…where you will get rewarded, as soon an admin sees your vote.

There is also a Tweet about this online from AcidTiger:

And in my honest opinion, the CPR community deserve an excellent reputation.

Everybody that knows me, knows, that I’m not the sort of investor that has to gain money at every cost. I’m interested in pushing the Tron universe, and the more great projects we have out there, the better. This time I decided to invest in this project, and I’m so curious to see what it’s all about. I thought I have to share this with you, as said, an emotional decision, that feels so right now – Take a look and get your own opinion.