If you have read the few articles here from me, you know that I’m searching for more on the Tron Network, than that what we have right now. A few weeks ago I wrote about a community I’ve found, Crypto Paradise, and that I’ve invested after that they assured me, they won’t come up with projects we already have on the market. So I trusted them and invested, completely blind. Just since a few days we know what the project is, and a great friendship is starting between us, and the Crypto Paradise Team.

I had several chats and calls with CryptoSID, the Founder of Crypto Paradise. Since a while now, we know that Crypto Paradise will bring up a sort of DApp Statistics Site like you already know from DApp Review, DApp Radar, and DApp Total. All the big players. And as I talked with CryptoSID, he told me a lot about his visions of this ecosystem, changing up things, motivate other projects do make this Tron Network a great place to be. Big visions for the whole thing. And actually we don’t have enough good plans out there besides gambling sites. We need something real. And so Crypto Paradise didn’t just create a DApp Statistics site, but they plan to share the revenue with the community. For me, this seems from day to day more than a rock-solid investment. Divs paid out from real services? I mean, an actual product behind a Tron DApp? It’s the first of it’s kind, and the pressure will be high for other Statistic sites. And if you join their Telegram group, you will notice that you will find a lot of people you already know from other groups, but the whole spirit in Paradise is entirely different. And here it’s where the difference starts.

So I had the chance to leak some pictures 😉 And this one I want to share with you, because it doesn’t only show it’s potential, but also drops a bomb into this sphere.

As you can see, DAppStats has not only an active social media channel (and, join the community, it’s so lovely you alone can understand when you experience it) but rewards token holders with revenue shares. It’s the sort of investment possibilities we need out there, into people that create real stuff.

You can also get a sneak peek into the DApp Stats Site here, where CryptoSID will explain the whole project:

More news about Tron.Buzz and our exciting future in a few days. Stay tuned!