Helloooou Buzzers!

We’re doing well here at the Tron.Buzz HQ, our community all over the world. The core team is working hard to get the site ready until the launch of our partner with DApp Stats so that we can provide the reviews we need there.

Last few weeks we implemented the advertising system, a referral program which we will show at a later point, the merch store, and an utterly self-hosted newsletter system so that we don’t have to share personal data with 3rd party services, or at least, keep them to a minimum.

Crypto Paradise will double the price for the presale token CPR from the 16th of August from 0.25 TRX per CPR to 0.50 TRX. I think at this point, as a partner, it’s safu to say that I had a few conversations with Sid, chief of Crypto Paradise, and could have a sneak peek into a few ideas. I have to admit that I hate the fact that I can’t share everything I know with you at this given point. It’s even harder when I have to suggest family and friends why they have to invest in CPR, just by using the White Paper pieces of information. Well, the data there is already significant enough to understand what revolution it’s going on here. And the Tron.Buzz team is blessed to be a part of this. Sometimes the bush leads the path. It will be huge.

Please begin to take a sit here, register your account, take part in our forums, share Tron.Buzz with family and friends. Tron.Buzz is not just news. It’s community news. Remember that we create the buzz only if we act together, like a bee swarm. Let’s buzzzzzzz!!