Alright, the beloved community!

A lot of work the team did the last few days. I want to keep it short because we’re busy launching the Tron.Buzz, which will happen this weekend. We don’t even have time to invest in CPR, where the price will increase tomorrow!!

The community already knew that we also have our radio station in the pipe. We did all the configuration tests, and tonight Cedric from the Tron Buzz Team will begin with the content curation so that this station doesn’t sound as generic as it does now: Still a lot to do, but we’re on it.

What we need now are more listeners for the last performance and country stream cheks. So please empower people to listen into here, so that I can collect more metrics all over the world while the test phase is going on.

We have a few ideas, more surprises, and big rewards to our beta listener 😉 Tune in Tron.Buzz Community Radio, listen carefully to the Tron Jingle when you hear it, and do whatever it’s needed to receive your rewards. I promise it will be fun.

Now I have to go back to my bush, enjoy our radio station!