What an exciting night I had in my timezone after Cedric from the Tron.Buzz team and I finished building our definitive broadcasting server, something interesting happened. Ralph joined the community and bought 1 Million tokens, draining the remaining pot, then the fear of missing out started, and in a manner of 2 hours, all the CPR sold out.

The excitement was prominent in the community, which is pleasant and supportive all the time. We had a virtual party together, watching the end of this presale. So while Ralph was investing, he told us that he spent in many projects that didn’t realize what they promised.

But the community then came in quickly and told him why this project is different. And one of the most remarkable facts is that we saw the Crypto Paradise team achieving every milestone they brought up. So the community itself begun to upload memes on the Telegram channel like they usually do when something is going on.

And then finally the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) kicked in. Or let’s say, the community members wanted to enjoy a few last investments in the CPR group. Then Esteban said something, which we all had to reflect, is this true? Maybe it’s true:

And then it just happened. The party started, and people bought out all the tokens. And I recorded this last hour on the Crypto Paradise Telegram group with my phone, while testing and playing our new broadcasting radio station. So you can experience this piece of history going on this fantastic blockchain. People like Justin Sun are missing such significant community projects while focussing on miserable marketing strategies. And mainstream media is focussing with bashing at such people.

But the truth is, that blockchains are here to empower the people, the communities. And while most of the blockchain projects are missing this factor, we did all this together, built the fame just being ourselves. So this is one of the first real community-driven projects out there. With Tron.Buzz news that gives you a different sight on what’s happening right now in the Crypto Community. Or why you think we can be so excited in a time, where Bitcoin & Alt’s are diving?

Don’t forget, that this is precisely how the blockchain spirit should be: Decentralized, driven by you, the people, the community.

Enough talk, enjoy the last hour on Crypto Paradise’s beloved Telegram Community. This great project just SOLD OUT their tokens. The music was brought to you by http://radio.tron.buzz.

Tune in, and enjoy the last hour as the CPR tokens got sold out: