It’s been a while back, where I joined Blockchain Cuties. I searched a Tron alternative to Crypto Kitties, which works just on ETH. Blockchain Cuties supported the ETH and Tron Blockchains as I entered, but today, you can also attach your EOS and NEO wallet to the game. It was very buggy back then, cost a lot of energy, was expensive, but had a very supportive community. As I joined their Telegram group, I was introduced to the game by Cynicallia, the Mother of the Gators.

VeRychard, the developer of the Dark Cuties Mod, sent me a starter cutie with great stats as a welcome gift. At a later point, as I was addicted to the cuteness of the game, I bought a few Cuties from him and also other community members. And I must say that I enjoyed the friendliest and cutest service every time. I had a few issues, and Tehn, the community manager, helped me instantly out. If I reported bugs, the team was always there to solve them within the next updates. Today the project is still growing, they addressed the energy issues, and the central part of the game seems to be flawlessly playable. The community is always cute and helpful, Tehn is still producing great content for us (take a look to “The Pawed Cast”). The game enjoys a considerable amount of traffic.

Please take a look to this brief intro:


The gameplay is super easy. Most of what you do on Blockchain Cuties runs flawlessly. There are some minor bugs in this state, and sometimes the transactions on the blockchains slow down the gameplay, but it’s business as usual on that kind of games. As I joined a few months ago, the game was not at this advanced stage as it is today. I feel an overall performance upgrade, and especially they managed to optimize the energy costs, in combination with the gameplay.

What you do is to collect Cuties (monsters), send them on adventures to gain experience, level up, and loot stuff. You can equip items to make your Cutie even stronger. Let dance two Cuties a Bollywood session together, and boom, an egg is born! Breed it, enjoy the birth of a new Cutie, and decide what to do with it. Is it special? Then equip it with clothes for better stats, and sell it through the market. You will use it for adventures, breedings, or want to collect? It’s up to you.

On a more profound point of view, there is this special genome thing. Binding DNA code into the blockchain is something fascinating, and a used technique, that we will see as a standard in future healthcare applications. And there is where the whole great nerdism kicks in: Hacking the genome code, to get out the most of your breedings, and earn some decent money.


As mentioned before, you can earn money in this game by breeding eggs and sell your unique Cuties to other players. The player base is significant, and there is a lot of money changing the owner all day long. So there is a healthy economy, and it’s not to expect that it will decrease. Especially if you keep in mind the new content that will come shortly.

What I did today for this review, is breeding a few eggs. There is a lot you can learn about the genome code in their wiki. There you will learn about the system, that consists of dominant genes, and two recessive genes. You also can see the chances of each of them. Because the topic is enormous, and there are a lot of Cuties that are not discovered by the big community until now, I keep it that short. I just randomly bred a few eggs with my elite monsters.

It cost me something around 13 TRX to breed, and if I put some gear on it, then I’ve spent something around 100 TRX. So let’s put in into the store for a 100 TRX starting price, and set a selling price of 400 TRX. Let’s see if somebody buys.

For everybody reading this article, I will give away my cutest breed from today, Tronbuzzia. If you’re new to Blockchain Cuties, please use this link here to register, and be the first commenting to this article below. I will also add a few items that increase the stats so that you can kickstart into the game.

And this is also a form of being rewarded, get people into the game through your referral link, and gain exclusive Cuties. You can use them also to breed more special Cuties.

As good everything is, it’s hard to get into earning money in Blockchain Cuties, because you need a lot of effort to invest into the game, to get something out of it that other player want. At this point, I was not active enough to gain something, but I’ve spent a lot. Let’s see if the upcoming content and the investment into an island will change the game.


As was the content not already enough, a significant update seems to come shortly (Q1 2020): Wars of Cutieland.

When I followed the link, I was completely overwhelmed about the presale prices. Couldn’t imagine somebody is willing to invest nearly half a million Tron to buy a piece of game content, but five out of fifteen already did.

Also, the most expensive general has a price of nearly 16K Tron, which is way cheaper as other offers we saw in the community store. I had, of course, to get my small paradise, since I’m a bit addicted to islands. So I bought one for something around 1,2K TRX.

But let’s see what the official statement on the website is:

What’s coming with the Wars of Cutieland update?

This update will add a whole new level of strategic gameplay to Blockchain Cuties Universe. Players will be able to choose their factions, own lands, build and develop cities, gather resources and armies, unite into clans and wage war against their foes and opposing factions. It will also introduce 3D elements to the game.

Will existing gameplay still be available?

Yes and it will become even more important as it will play a crucial role in the supply chain for the new economic system. Players who gather armies and wage war against each other for territories will require a lot of items to keep their troops effective.

Lands, what are those?

During the update, the abstract Cutieland will transform into well defined world with continents, forests, mountains, rivers and oceans. It will sport a geographic map that’ll be composed of millions of tiles. Each land tile would be able to host a location – a city, a resource mine or an adventure spot. Players will be able to interact with the world, taking ownership of the lands and building upon them. During the release of the update, Cutieland will have four major factions represented by playable blockchains – Ethereum, EOS, TRON and NEO.

What’s a capital?

In order to join Wars of Cutieland, players will need to establish their capitals, either on an island or near the faction Capitals (limited edition lands). Capital is a special game mode that allows players to develop their settlements, build up their economies, amass troops and advance through the tech tree. Capital is an essential part of every lord’s journey.

Who are generals?

Generals are noble Cuties that have reached level 1 in experience and are then manually promoted to the General rank by their owners. When Cutie becomes a general it receives special skills as well as the ability to wear specific items that will give special battle bonuses to the troops under their command. Promotion to General cannot be reversed. Generals cannot fight as soldiers in the armies.

How many generals can one player have?

Players can have as many General units as they like, but their effectiveness as army commanders is limited to the number of command slots available to the player. Meaning that if a player has 2 command slots and 18 generals, only 2 of them can command his armies simultaneously.

How do I get command slots?

Command slots are provided by the player’s capital (exclusive lands near faction Capitals provide 2 slots; islands provide 1 slot). Each new developed city will give you one additional slot. There are special technologies in the tech tree that provide additional slots as well.

Who are scouts?

Scouts (or spies) are the backbone of every lord’s expansion – they can lift the fog of war, discover new locations filled with riches or rare resources, build watchtowers, lay the foundation of new cities and spy on enemy troops or cities. Scouts can be trained from level 5 Cuties. Promotion to scout cannot be reversed. Players can have as many scouts as they want.

Can I trade generals and scouts as normal Cuties?

Yes, you can. You can trade and breed them as normal Cuties. Being a general or a scout doesn’t affect cutie’s genome and attributes.

Can I trade lands before the launch of Lands update?

Yes, you can. But before the “Wars of Cutieland” update is released such items will function only as rare collectible cards.



The community is excellent and very supportive. It’s a 10 out of 10 if you’re just into a few games and Blockchain Cuties is one of the main ones. Compared to other communities, technically, the activity level is a bit lower on a daily base, so that I have to keep this into my point of (re)view.

Uniqueness: Cute & Multiblockchain

With the Tron, ETH, EOS, and NEO Blockchains integrated, it’s merely the best Multiblockchain Multiplayer Collection RP Game out there, which seems to add also significant strategy elements with the upcoming “Wars of Cutieland” update. I was amazed by the community and how they interact together. Even how people are involved in Tehn’s lifestreams is impressive. There is a lot of love and cuteness the self-called “Cutieneers” put into this game and community. You will enjoy it.

DApp Statistics

As you know, our partner Crypto Paradise will launch DAppStats soon, so that we will have the statistics here! We’re excited, take a look on how it could be!


Blockchain Cuties

Gameplay: Easy but deep - 80%
Rewards: Hard to achieve - 60%
Content: Big, bigger, islands! - 90%
Community: Friendly & Supportive - 80%
Uniqueness: Cute & Multiblockchain - 100%



Blockchain Cuties is one of those games you only stop to enjoy when you reach your daily frozen energy limits. The gameplay is simple, the content is immense, and the monsters are super cute! With the Tron, ETH, EOS, and NEO Blockchains integrated, it's merely the best Multiblockchain Multiplayer Collection RP Game out there, which seems to add also significant strategy elements with the upcoming "Wars of Cutieland" update. The "cutest Telegram group" is very supportive, and you can earn money while being active.

User Rating: 3.89 ( 5 votes)