Did you see what happened the past few months in facto censorship on Twitch? On YouTube? The Instagram meme scandal? Where all the big social media sites have begun to take down the existence of a few streamer and content producers, or “influencers”? Ninja’s switch to Microsoft’s Mixxer, leaving Twitch behind? And how childish Twitch reaction was?

No, like Jacque Fresco from the Venus Project always said (R.I.P): “This shit’s got to go.” And like every aspect of the Venus Project could be decentralized through a blockchain, all big social media sites have more or less great blockchain alternatives. Let’s keep this short, and talk just a few words about them. You must be aware of what we have already going on in the crypto sphere. And I would love it if you join the conversation below. There are a lot more projects out there, and I share what I’ve tested by myself.

MeWe: The better Facebook (&Google+) alternative

MeWe is an American social networking service company based in California. Mark Weinstein founded it back in 2012. MeWe brings simplicity back to social media and allows you to stay in touch with your closest friends. Without the bad side effect of being overwhelmed with targeted ads, social quizzes, and from Facebook allowed scammers. I enjoy MeWe very much, it’s clean, fast, stable, and I get to see just what I want to see.

Foresting: A very Korean Instagram platform

I can’t write “substitute,” because it’s not. Not only is the video function way too short for artists, but the content is very Korean. I love the idea behind it, and a future where “influencers” would get paid to be themselves. Instead of being all a human spam machine for the big corporations. So if you join, make sure to post real content.

Steemit: Like Medium, but you get paid for your content

Except for the painful registration process Steem has, it’s a great platform to have your content on it. The articles there don’t spread as fast as Medium article does, but hey, you get paid for your content! I suggest paying for registration, instead of getting the free one. I’ve never received my logins I tried to register, so I paid and got my logins instantly for something around $2. I always used Steem.Ninja for this: You will find the option as soon you hit the “Pay to sign up” button.

D.Tube: It’s possible without Adpocalypse!

“The Complete DTube Tutorial! Learn Dtube From Beginner To Advanced!” on courtesy of the Joe Parys Academy, will show you why you should considerate this alternative. D.Tube is the first crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network. I like D.Tube, there is a lot of exciting content, but it would be good if they grow a bit faster. Check out D.Tube on your desktop, or mobile, and you will enjoy the fast loading experience, completely free YouTube’s Adpocalypse. I love D.Tube’s credo about an open and censorfree platform.

DLive: Take back the control that Twitch stole us

Well, Twitch. Nearly weekly nonsense bans. There must be an alternative, and DLive is! Also there, like on D.Dube, speedy and clean website. I’m amazed at how well everything runs on DLive.

Peepeth: The most hyped Twitter alternative

Here a review from CryptoStache. I didn’t try a Twitter alternative until now, but to complete the list, it’s here.

Indorse.io: A better Linkedin alternative when it comes down to skills?

Indorse is often compared to Linkedin. I didn’t test indorse, so I can’t tell much about it. Also here to complete the list.

OpenBazaar: A free eBay alternative?

Here a tutorial from OpenBazaar, so that you can see what you can expect. I love how OpenBazaar is built. Technically from what I’ve seen without going deeper, you can be part of the blockchain with your own instance, and connect to the local server. But you also can use another node.

Don’t forget to leave a comment, if you have more alternatives to present. Thanks for your time.