In WarRiders, the goal is to mine as much crypto as possible. Within the game there are several different cars that you can choose from such as Lambos, War Trucks, SUVs and standard vehicles. Even War Tanks and Hovercrafts. 

You can watch their promo video here:


As you play War Riders you are searching for Benzene resources in the wasteland, driving your vehicle around and looking for valuable resources. Along the way though you will be able to steal benzene from other players by blowing up their war vehicles. 

Different cars and different terrain is very common in this game as well as partnering up with different factions within Discord to destroy the competition. Building up a fleet of vehicles or partnering up with a clan will provide you with some extra protection on the battlefield.

This picture shows some of the different types of vehicles available within the game. You will be able to buy or purchase War Lambos from other players, War Trucks, or even Hovercrafts armed with weapons on the OpenSea. The OpenSea is an Ethereum based website where you can buy and sell in game resources characters and more with other players. The link is below.

If you look at the image above that you might notice that you are able to create a fleet of vehicles in order to be far more formidable to your opponents, and to be able to protect your valuable resources better. A different combination of fast and armored cars will give you the best protection on the battlefield.

WarRiders is a fast paced game with several different customizable cars, gear, color and more. You will be able to change the color of your vehicles, add upgradable weapons if the vehicle shows that it has an extra weapon slot, and more.


Each of the cars for the game is an ERC-721 token so they will truly be your cars as you will have the private key for them after you purchase them. Futher, several of these cars are rare and have attributes that would be very valuable to other players.  For example, there are several limited edition gold lambos or even platinum ones. 

Benzene is a limited currency and 75% of it will be distributed through in-game mining as well as a company lock-up and more. 

It’s good to know that not only does the team have a 1 year lock-up on their tokens, and also that 75% of all the mining of Benzene is going to be from playing the game. 

There is a pretty good chance that this currency will be delivered as fairly as possible to players based on their time spent within the game as well as their vehicles, skills, and other resources they find in the wasteland. 

This picture shows the basics of how the in game currency Benzene will be used.


With this model shown above, Benzene is going to be used for vehicle upgrades, garages and mainly different types of in game resources such as upgradable guns, armor, and premium equipment. 

Ethereum on the other hand is going to be needed in order to acquire vehicles, purchase garages, getting basic guns for your car, and buying more parts. In order to play the game you will need to always make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet in order to play the game and interact with all the smart contracts.

WarRiders also recently released their multiplayer Demo video:

You will also need to download a free MetaMask, Trust or other Ethereum compatible wallet in order to play this game.


WarRiders has hundreds of community members in their Discord as well as an active Telegram. WarRiders also has had over 300 ETH worth of transactions for this game on the OpenSea. Considering that this game is close to launching the full version I would only expect this game to become more popular.

Please do your own research and make your own decisions before investing into this game. I will see you all on the battlefield!


War Riders

GamePlay - 81%
Rewards - 79%
Content - 90%
Community - 85%



WarRiders is soon to be a fun, fast paced, community driven blockchain game with unique War Lambos, War Tanks, Hovercrafts, and more. WarRiders also comes with it's own unique currency Benzene of which 70% of the supply will be mined during gameplay. The game encourages teamplay and mining tokens in the game on a daily basis. Overall, this will be a very popular game with it's own blockchain currency, Benzene.

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