What the foldy flaps?! There is a Crypto RPG with Profit sharing out there in the DApp space, where the presale will start in a few hours, and I just heard about it a couple of hours ago. Thanks to Guyver from the Crypto Paradise community, that asked me about it. How could I miss something like this! I’m already excited to write a review about it, but first things first: We’re on the presale state there now. So let’s focus on the presale, and what looks promising about this project (watching to the Tron.Buzz writer team, this one is mine!).

Crypto RPG with Profit sharing!

Well, obviously we have a profit-sharing RPG in front of us. If done right, this can be an exciting project, and of course very lucrative for people that love to invest time in such kind of games. The token that Knightlands will use is called DKT. And the presale event starts in a few hours. As soon as the Imperial Bazaar launches (1st of September), we will be able to buy limited loot boxes.

But not just loot boxes, because there will be a limited offer for each chest. Every chest has a chance to drop up to legendary items, and they promise that no common items will be sold:

  • 3000 Herald’s Boxes
  • 2000 Protectors’ Crates
  • 1500 Councils’ Chests
  • 700 King’s Treasures

Yeah, but is the game enjoyable to play? Should I invest?

I will surely go in. Knightlands will provide a referral system, which is generally celebrated on such projects, and often helps you to kickstart into the game. I watched around on the website and could gain a few information.

As you can see, this is the Knights Character Screen. Looks like we will encounter a retro/pixel RPG with modern elements (watch at the items).

You prefer not to play such games?

Then you can just freeze and stack your DKT tokens. Yeah, nothing more to say, as simple as that. What? It’s finished here.

But I want free stuff!

Okay, me too, but then I invest. Take a look at this Royal Giveaway:

Worked super flawless for me to do it with Telegram. So join the Knightlands Telegram Group, and then send a private message to the Squire Bot. Watch here:

And after I’ve clicked on the link, with an active TronLink wallet, I received the reward. Thanks, Knightlands! See you there, muahahaaarrr!