Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s try to achieve this monster here! I try to be brief where it doesn’t need more than just a bit of logic to go through LBRY, but I will dive deeply into the more advanced stuff. Remember, you can always join our community, DApps.Buzz, or our Partner Community, DappStats, and ask questions. There are a lot of great Members that cross-work together, like CryptoSID from DappStats, Erika from the DST Community Events, Esteban is also always here, Guyver, TAZ, … It’s DApps.Buzz Community News, don’t forget, it’s also all about the community members. And where the magic starts. But now, let’s begin with this beautiful jewel here, LBRY, and let’s build that crypto universal basic income that everybody is talking about it!

So first of all, we need to go through the registration process. So let’s already start here with benefits: There is a DappStats organized event, where you can get a kickstart for a few easy steps that come in handy in the future. So here is the procedure, but first go through the registration process (I describe the 1st Task of the event step for step). Read the method, then scroll down and begin with the registration steps. You can always scroll back and complete the other tasks, but first of all, complete the registration.


Create an Account on LBRY through this invitation

Click on this link here to begin your registration process:


Then follow the steps described in the pictures below:

1. Click on “Create Account” to claim your LBRY Account.

2. Type in your Email, be sure it’s the right one, you will need it to login on LBRY. Every time. Click on “Continue” after you agreed to the Terms of Service.

3. Check your Email Account; Check also spam, wait a few minutes if the mail doesn’t arrive in a time range of 5 minutes. Else, click on “Resend Email” and recheck.

4. In your mail account, click on “Confirm Your Email.”

5. You are signed in successfully.

Now go back to LBRY and complete the verification steps. You need it to be rewarded on the LBRY blockchain:

1. Phone/Text or Credit is the easiest way. Proof with chat needs more effort, so I go with this, but needs a Discord account (you need to have one first on your own)! Click on “Verify Chat” at the bottom.


2. Now click “Accept Invite.”


3. 3. Read the welcome message and click on the green LBRY icon on the bottom of the word.

4. Then on the left side, a menu pops up, click on “rewards-approval.”

5. You will see a message later, hover over the RewardsBot nickname and write “Hi” as a message, then send.

6. Now you see the verification steps needed, click on the verify link there.

7. Connect with at least one social network, provide your details, and then hit send.

8. Small hint, you can copy-paste your nick by clicking on it in Discord on the bottom left.

9. You will see that the details have been recorded.

10. Go back to Discord, say something, and wait until a team member gives you further advice.

While you’re waiting, just close the extra verification; you can use your account, only without rewards until the check is done.

Welcome to LBRY!

Now go ahead and follow these channels:

* Mandatory for the rewards, the other two are obviously for great content! And now here we are, you’ve already nearly completed Task 1 of the DST LBRY Event. Here the Telegram message:

Even if LBRY is already full of excellent quality content (thanks to the complex registration process), some niches are not covered per today. So go ahead and think about a niche you want to cover. It’s best if you find something that you already do. As an example, you’re a YouTuber, then go ahead, create your channel, and upload your content. If you have an eBook, go ahead, put it online. You can put content online for free, or you can define a price to watch/download the content. It’s up to you.

If you don’t have a hobby or a job where you already had the effort to create, let’s go over the quick and dirty method. Think about a niche, as said. Better to cross two slots together. Watch around you, what do you see? What content can you create? You see your mother drinking her everyday coffee before going out for a walk with her beloved pug? Mix that! Coffee and Pugs. Or watch what others do on other content sites, search for it on LBRY, if you don’t find it, then you have a catch.

So in my case, I use some women and workout motivational quotes, which I didn’t find on LBRY. Let’s find a name, build a logo, and create the channel.

Necessary to understand: The Channels you create, have nothing to do with the user you are. You follow others as an anonymous user; you will see them in your streamline. But if it comes down to interact on the Blockchain with content, then you use your Channels. So you have your content into your channels, and you can comment on other Channels with your Channel nick.

So what I did, is using content from people that create content. I used Fiverr to get cheap fitness model quotes so that I can publish the pictures on LBRY on the channel I’m about to create. As mentioned, this is the quick and dirty way, as you will see in this tutorial. It’s better to work with its own quality content in every case.

Buying Content on Fiverr

1. Searched for “send fitness” on Fiverr to get fitness model quotes.

2. I found a $5 Gig, so I bought it.

3. The next day, delivery was here!


Yeeehaaaw, now let’s see if the invested $5 for a lot of randomized words on random images will make us happy. At least one Indian in this world is already pleased…

Create our Channel

So, now let’s do the exciting part. Create the Channel! I decided to name the Channel Women Warriors. And then, I created a logo and a header picture. Here is what I did:

Create a logo

I simply used Placeit to generate this logo here:

You can pay $ 39.95 to create a logo there, or you go with a monthly subscription from $ 14.95, to a yearly one for $ 99.95. It’s not worth it if you don’t use it on a regular base.

So stick to Canva, which is free, and is what I used to create the Cover. But you can easily create a logo also there. So I created an image of 1250px * 200px, searched on Pixabay for a free to use a picture, and created the Cover:

Create the Channel

1. Clicked on “New Channel” from the Channels link

2. Gave a Name “WomenWarriors” and deposited 5 LBC to reserve the name, then click on “Create channel.”

3. Now you see in your Channels list, and your created channel is pending. Just wait…

4. …until it’s ready. Then click on it.

Editing the Channel

1. Click on the edit icon next to the title.

2. And upload your thumbnail, your Cover, and add additional information.

3. Chose tags that match your content.

Your Title Goes Here

4. It looks like this then when you’re done.

5. But still, the changes take a while.

Publish content

Now let’s publish the material together; in my case, there are maybe a few pics out of this garbage I’ve bought that I can use. Let’s see:

1. Click on “Publish” from the top right corner’s account icon.

2. Click on “Choose File,” then add title and description.

3. Chose the same picture if you select the thumbnail.

4. Write down tags, and you can copy-paste them separated by commas to be faster if you have a lot to upload. Chose your channel to publish the content into it.

5. After you hit publish, you see the success message, which does not mean the content is uploaded to the Blockchain. Wait for the message.

It’s done! Now we have to wait and see if somebody comes and spends tips on our content.

And this happened the next day:

Today, I made something around 310 LBC worth something around $ 8. Fiverr Indian, I’ve already surpassed your income, ha!

The article already went big, so let’s take a break here. Now you have all the basics you need. More LBRY content to follow here, and take a look into the LBRY rewards system, which pays you for being active, even if you don’t have content.

Thanks for your precious time, please use the comment form below if you want to share your LBRY channels. I’m excited to see what pops up. And of course, I will follow.