Oh yeah, I promised this article yesterday, but I felt in a coma. I slept 7:55 h this night, and my smartwatch is telling me this happened over eight months ago the last time. As I woke up this morning, I remembered why I couldn’t just sleep! A Sloth was taking over the control on an article that he called “Make Money in Crypto: How To.”, which he uses NOT to describe how you make money, and points in my direction with his Scam comment, because I have my HEX week here. And more, he also said as long he’s writing articles, he’s not rich… But I feel the richest guy on this globe, as long I can throw my opinion in one direction without having to discuss with people directly. Oh, I love this, even when I’m rich, I will do it like this. Just the place from which I’m writing will change then:

Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay

Above was a special not-introduction, trying to introduce something a non-special way. No worries, everybody right now is missing the insider that happens between me and my brain. So let’s explain: The fact that I’m writing articles here, together with my fellows Slam, Sloth, Sid, Bentcrypto & Co. And the luck we have, that people are reading what we’re yelling around. Everything mentioned here has one starting point for all of us. It was our Famiglia, our community, that brought us here.

And today, I see the same story going on there, in the HEX community: They have a big, active, friendly, helpful community. Richard Heart is never too busy to have an open ear for his community members, and he always takes the time to talk with the people there.

So I decided in this article here, I share memes from the HEX community. A Crypto Paradise community reader will know what this means, and for the others: When you have a society where your members are creating content like memes about you and your project, then you’re blessed. So let’s start with the memes, directly from the HEX Community on Telegram & Reddit. I tried to add all Telegram Usernames the right way, if I didn’t give credits to the right creators, just lemme know.

By the way, Sloth: This was an example of how to use you, your, you’re, and yours. Kisses in your direction, brotch.

Right now I have over 25 Screenshots for the next topic, which is not completed yet.

Let’s see what’s next πŸ˜‰

P.S.: And let me reveal something that happened… With a meme πŸ˜‰