Hellas Ladies and Gentlemen! I just found Jetstream, a newly launched chrome extension crypto wallet for IOST, that has been obtaining much recognition in the IOST ecosystem recently. An article on the IOST Reddit community says, “Despite being a new player in the space, it offers many features that are simply not available with other older and more established chrome extension IOST wallets.”

One of these is being able to interact with IOST-based non-fungible assets, but per today I think people will love the integrated and easy to use account creation feature. Which until now, it was a bit complex for people to join.

Well, complexity in this sphere brings people in the position being informed on the blockchains they’re using, which is the complete contrary to use a Google Account, even if just for storing the keys.

You can follow this tutorial here to get your free IOST account.

What do you think? Way to go, or risky thing? Let me know in the comments box below.