HEY EVERYONE. We know things have seemed quiet on the surface and that with this coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been busy sorting things out in their lives. Today, let us give you the progress DappStats has made during Q1 of 2020.

We will break this article into 3 categories: things we have already achieved, things that are in progress, and what to expect during Q2 of 2020.

Things we have already achieved

  • BloxVault: Work has started on the 2nd project for Crypto Paradise, and in the following weeks details will be shared with the public along with a roadmap of the goals.
  • Dapps.Buzz: The rumors are true! Dapps Buzz has decided to become part of Crypto Paradise, and we have been discussing plans for it already. It has been decided that project three for Crypto Paradise will have DappsBuzz playing a big part in it.
  • IOST Partner Node: DappStats has its own partner node now, which means we will soon have an additional revenue source to add to the IOST pool for DappStats when we have it implemented. 
  • HyperTron: We have formed a marketing deal with HyperTron where we get 5% of daily payouts, 30,000 HRT tokens, and a mining discount for our referrals. Their team is very flexible when it comes to improvement suggestions given regarding their platform, and we feel HyperTron will soon be one of the leading game platforms on the Tron blockchain.
  • CryptoandGamer We have formed a strategic partnership with the Crypto & Gamers platform to help fill the gaps that might have been missing on each other’s platforms and help spread more awareness to new users about our platforms.
  • DappStats Stickers: The long-requested DappStats sloth stickers have been made in-house, and we continue to add more stickers as time passes to improve our community’s experience.
  • Content Creators: We will allocate 1% of the platform’s revenue to a separate wallet that will be shared with a maximum of five content creators. The five content creators will be selected by us and will only be offered to those who have been dedicated to supporting DappStats from the beginning without expecting any form of compensation.
  • Telegram Groups: We have created two new Telegram broadcast channels (DappStats News & DappStats Links) to further make the community’s experience better and simpler. The DappStats News channel will cover major updates about all Dapps so the community has one place to stay up to date about all of their favorite Dapps, and the DappStats Links group is there to help our community find DappStats referral links for all platforms more easily and in one place.
  • DappStats Token Sale: The first price increase has happened, and now each token costs 1.002 TRX. The price will continue to increase by 0.002 TRX after every 200k tokens sold until all tokens are sold. There is some positivity with the current crypto crash for people who might be interested in buying DappStats tokens, as the value of TRX in fiat has dropped by almost half compared to two weeks ago. If you haven’t already taken advantage, now is the best time.

Development Side: 

  • A major update has been made to how we track the data for the Tron blockchain that will help give more accurate data for users to see. 
  • New dividend pool
  • New feeder pool
  • Integration of dividend pool and feeder pool on the Website
  • Share button for people to share their favorite Dapps on multiple social media platforms
  • Banner support for SVG and GIFs 
  • Removal of Tronlink and introduction of ReCaptcha for everyone to be able to submit their Dapps
  • Glow added to “New” button when there are new Dapps available 
  • Option to add names for Smart Contracts when submitting new Dapps
  • Bug fixes with graphs; duplicate Dapp submission error

Things in progress

  • EOS Blockchain: Something that everyone has been waiting for since we launched back in Sept. 2019, we have already started working on adding the EOS blockchain and should have it fully integrated with DappStats in the following weeks.
  • IOST Blockchain: The initial plan of implementation has been sketched out for IOST and work will start on it right after EOS blockchain has been fully integrated.
  • Dark Theme: The long-awaited dark theme is just a few short weeks away.
  • Token/Dividend page revamp with the added “reinvest” button 
  • Backup Links: While using different tools to make the user experience better, we all know how difficult and annoying it can be when a site stops working. What makes it worse is when the reason is something out of the site’s control. For this reason, since we use a 3rd-party tool for our links, we have implemented a backup link system so that if this 3rd-party tool breaks or goes offline, it will not affect links on DappStats.
  • We will be adding an option to request the updating of listed Dapp details.
  • Widget: Work is still being done on the UI issues. As frustrating as the wait might be for this, we want to make sure everything works 100% before it’s made public, as this will be a tool used by people on different sites and we don’t want them to face any issues at a later stage.

What to expect during Q2 2020?

  • More Blockchains: EOS and IOST integration with all of the latest Dapps listed
  • Dividend Pool: We will start testing and working on the implementation of the ETH dividend pool; we hope to have it added during Q2.
  • Profile: A proper profile page where users will be able to set up their own avatar, name, and many other things. This will be the base of some major upgrades that will come during the months to follow after Q2 of 2020 is over.
  • Whitepaper for BloxVault
DappStats Dividend pool growth

Overall, the progress has been going very well. It might feel a little slow on the dividend pool side, but we are steadily growing, If we look at this chart for the new dividend pool, it has steadily been growing since the change to 7% payouts and the implementation of the feeder contract.

Lots of exciting stuff has been happening behind and in front of the curtains for DappStats. We have come a long way from when we started, and all of this has been possible due to a few factors: massive support from our community, dedicated support, and help from a select few people who have been helping out since the day we shared the vision of DappStats and the team that has worked tirelessly day and night to make sure we reach our deadlines and goals on time or beforehand.

A special thanks goes out to Erika, Guyver, AcidTiger, and Ralph, who have been putting extra effort since DappStats launched.

Coming back to the coronavirus, we request our whole community and everyone else to stay safe and try to take all precautions being suggested by your respective countries so we as a globe can contain this ongoing pandemic faster and with less tragedies. 

Stay safe, and thanks for all your support! 😁