Do you all remember FarmVille? One of the best and most popular farming games? Well Cropbytes is like Farmville on the Blockchain. There are three major rolls you can play – a farmer, trader or investor. You can decide to be a farmer or all three of them.

Basically the game is about planting crops, harvesting those and grinding them into feed, which you use to feed your animals. Furthermore you will be able to produce electricity for different game assets like Bakery that will arrive in the future. So there is planty of game styles that you can chose – sadly most of the players want quick profits and sometimes prices fluctuate a lot.

This is how the farm looks like ingame.

There is a Flash Sale once per week where you can buy “Assets” for a “Flash Price” meaning the lowest that you can get – what most players do though is buy the most expensive assets really fast on the Flash Sale and resell them for double or triple the price, which is very unfair to new players or players in different time zones which cant participate during the sales.

Let me tell you a bit about my experience with the game – I started my adventure on Cropbytes in September 2019 and it was really promising in the beginning – I bought a lot of assets and started farming – I fed my animals and the rest of what was left, I tried to sell on the market and make some profits.

The UI is also really great and has improved over time and the game can really make you some good profits over time. (I really used to enjoy the game in the beginning) There is one catch though, that you should know before investing into CropBytes – their withdrawals are manual and take weeks to process. So getting TRX(TRON) in is easy and takes seconds but taking TRX out is really painful – they also have a 100 TRX fee for every withdrawal you make no matter how big or small it is. That was also one of the main reasons I decided to end my adventure there after five months of playing it every single day.

Long story short – CropBytes offers a ticketing system and support vie email for any inquiries like withdrawals or asking for assistance. I wanted to withdrawal my last TRX and requested that around 5 weeks ago from today well guess what – after asking about it in their Telegram Group, I got banned for “spreading FUD”, which I didn’t and more importantly nobody from support contacted me about my withdrawal and until this day I have been waiting for it.

To sum it up – Cropbytes offers a lot of potential in cryptogaming, a great gaming experience and visuals. There is one weak spot though, which I would call the most important one – decentralization! Most of the most important and expensive assets are held by a handful of players which also promote the game to new players for obvious reasons and furthermore the player support and the Admins are extremely slow, inexperienced and unreliable! I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join the game due to those facts – at least until it gets published on the blockchain. Also please be aware of their TOS:


I will be keeping an eye and update you about any progress.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.