Hello and happy easter, Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m just here with a super short reminder that Erika, our Goddess of Dividends, Mother of Crypto, Mistress of all Events, Queen of Sloths, … oh, excuse me. Yes, the one and only Erika have set up a special Easter Event! You all are aware that there was an Events room change? Because of the exceptional success of the events in the past, the whole story went modernized and simplified.

Here Erika’s Event until Monday night, so, don’t miss out on this one! Uh, and, there is also a DBT bonus for new signups until then:

And, because with Crypto Paradise, DApps.Buzz, and DappStats we love good news, here some good news directly and live from our DappStats dividend pool:

And I use the opportunity to thank Erika and Sid for their effort and tireless dedication to the community. I love you!

Thanks to the community for the support. And all the hard work in promoting our community. Since last year, we saw many projects grow and close. What we built here together is growing slow but steady since the beginning.

We are strong! Woohoo!

Happy Easter everybody, join Erika’s event, stay safe and healthy.