Ladies and Gentleman, after the successful open beta tests, it’s finally here: Boss Royale! It starts in two hours, and maybe it already started when you’re reading this. So make sure you’re not missing the telegram launch party there:

Sloth wrote a handy tutorial from the open beta, which you can also use for the live version: There are useful tips in the guide that helps you to understand how the whole game works and that you have to consider the cooldown ticks. A fantastic, more in-depth guide with cheatsheet and tips and tricks will follow as soon Sloth, and I can take a break from playing BOSS Royale. No worries, we built Sid into this as a backup, he will remember us to do so.

Sloth also has a BOSS Royale Launch Party Jitsi session open today. So you can join the conference with your phone or desktop to chat, talk, ask, and having a fun time together. Join through this link here:

Then yeah, don’t let us waste more time! See you on the battlefield!