Ladies and gentlemen, what a quiet crypto space right now, isn’t it? But I have to tell you, absolutely not in our communities! What’s happening while the world stands still? The Crypto Paradise Community is also quiet, but not because the members there are, but because they’re just straying around in other groups. BOSS Royale launched, it’s up and running, and we all have fun there. Then our Splinterlands guild is doing great, as usual, people active there. And last but not least, au contraire: Drakons!

Now Drakons is a superb example of how our alliance works together and how the Crypto Paradise members are doing a fantastic job to fortify our community. In this particular case, I want to thank David “Blackbeard Willy” Palmer for his tireless effort creating great content. With Drakons, he built an excellent connection, which we all love actually. But let’s take a look into Blackbeard Willy’s Drakons video first of all:

With Blackbeard’s video and Drakons, the first Nooblook on my side is born. A format, which I use to dive into a game without knowing something about it and just start to play the game. And yeah, it was an excellent first Noobloook – I did an outstanding job of being a noob. And the interface of the game showed that it’s not really smartphone-friendly right now, but at least we can play on mobile, which is the more important part because this game got me addicted.

Why did this happen? Three simple reasons: It’s collecting, PvP, and breeding cute creatures game, with skill cards and RPG elements. It has dragons in it. The team behind this game is fantastic. There is also maybe a hidden fourth reason; I’m not sure right now if I can talk about it at this stage… I mean the strategy part. I’m not sure right now if the gameplay is excellent. But let me explain first!

You undoubtedly know Cryptokitties, or Blockchaincuties, or Axie Infinity, to name some. Drakons go the same path when it comes down to creatures, breeding, siring, selling, buying, and stuff. So Drakons has dragons, with generations, and elements. It’s at its very early stage, but it’s phenomenal what they already built. Just saying, what we see there right now, is work that they have done in less than six months. Maybe it’s worth joining, as long the Gen 0 Dragons can be bought for prices between $1 and $25 on the market there. We all know what can happen with collectibles. So we’re seriously investing here while being playing for fun.

Let’s take a look into what I love most: Breeding dragons!

Not much to say, I usually don’t get rich with such games, but finally, I definitely play for free. I invested around $ 40 in Dragons through buying and breeding. The expenses have to come back through siring. So let’s see how this works. Assuming Cryptotaz has a dragon that sires for 0,0045 ETH, I can pay for his “services,” and then he gets me pregnant.

Mmmh, I mean, my dragon. In the transactions-tab, then we can see the pending transaction. Oh, and we can also see how many dragons I bought and that I gifted a Drakon to Cryptotaz, which reminds me to say thank you! Bro, you’re always here to help when I need screenshots and tests, and so on, I appreciate your effort and love you as a human being, please never blow up for no reason.

And a few minutes later… We have a new egg waiting to hatch! Excited!

And by the way, we’re also siring. As you already noticed in the picture above, I was also listing Drakons to sire. And we got one, as you can see in the following Notifications log:

Now let’s go to the not vegan-friendly part: The battles!

And it hurts me every time, knowing that my Drakons are battling and lose health. I love them too much to let them battle. But, it’s the free part of the game, and where we get real with the RPG and PvP elements. And it’s where I’m trying to find out how deep the strategy part is. And with this, I mean, that I’m just not aware at the moment, how much a strategy in this game can have an impact. I’m sure it has because I’m losing against the same other players again and again, while changing strategy. Which, in my case, right now, feels like gambling. I show you what I mean:

As you can see, there are battle cards you can set and choose between attack, defense, and when it happens—basically gambling, because you don’t know what happens on the other side, right? Well, for example, in Splinterlands, the part that felt like gambling in the beginning and I was against, finally turned out to be the best thing ever. And deep! I assume we have the same story here because the creators are super excited about the battle system. And the whole game.

I talked to the community and the team in their new Telegram Group, and I had only positive experiences. They’re open, listen to us, the gamer, and they enjoy playing the game with us together. I also had the honor to talk with Cris, the CEO of the company behind Drakons, Zynappse Corporation. Let me tell you The game is super deep in every possible meaning. And what it’s in the pipe, is just fantastic. So I’m happy to see such great projects popping up while everybody around is getting quiet. It’s the time now, where we can see which projects have consistency and which not.

So in this short overview, I want to say: Join. It’s fun. It’s a great community. It’s a beautiful experience, and I feel like I can be a part of it, since it’s in the beginning, and the team behind is already building stuff into the game that the community suggested.

So don’t just nooblook into it, try to get through this fantastic tutorial here:

Getting started with Drakons.IO!

See you in the Drakons Arena, and don’t forget to comment below, how much you love your Drakons and stay tuned, more will come, defo G 😉