Woooaaaah, what a great time to be alive! And I’m pretty sure you all, Ladies and Gentlemen, love your unique skin! I mean, you remember Robert Deniro in Ronin?

Spence: You worried about saving your own skin? Sam: Yeah, I am. It covers my body.

But maybe you ask yourself, “Patric, why the skin fetish now?” perhaps you don’t ask yourself. But if, then, the answer is simple: Non-fungible skins! While in our real-world, it’s super reasonable to have a non-fungible skin, having it in a blockchain game is interesting! But what is League of Kingdoms, and should we all FOMO around like little girls?

As we can see in the trailer, it’s a game like “Empire Four Kingdoms” as an example, like most of the Smartphone gamers already know. And I’m always super excited to see such games coming out on the blockchain. I mean, usually, those kinds of games are such which you play countless hours, investing time and money, to get stronger. And you repeat it until you stop to play. When you have the same game experience on the blockchain, with non-fungible tokens, and in-game currencies, usually a user market, you can gain back the investments, or even make profits.

So we see we have our kingdom to build, we have to manage resources, we can craft and produce, we can battle. We see quests and rewards, boosts, and speedups. Alliances, Members… Uuuuh, do we build a DappStats Alliance? Let’s see who from the community will lead this time in this game. And did you see the last claim?

Own your precious LAND, monetize your prosperous LANDs!

And here we go, the non-fungible (NFT) LANDs will be the digital estate there. But what’s all about that land? Like in real life, you own it, develop it, and make it more valuable. And this is what I want to do when it launches. And I tell you which information I will go through in the next few days until the countdown reaches zero: I will study their data so that I can have a kickstart.

So, first of all, open this link and register yourself:


Read about the Pre-Registration Event here:


Read about the LANDs NFT here:


Well then, I think the Crypto Paradise Community will be around as soon as the event launches. Mark the date, see you in a few days! Let’s get some LANDs together and build our Empire!

And don’t forget: It’s the 2020-05-25 UTC 00:00:00 you have to remember!