A few days ago, I wrote about the League of Kingdoms PreSale event in a few days. For me, something that I can’t miss out. And there is already Guyver, the Splinterlands and Kingdom Karnage god, that is organizing our lands to be together. So we can join a DappStats alliance and rock that game with united power.

So if you’re reading this… I show you with a meme what this means:

We already do great in other games, with our guilds, clans, alliances, gangs, and how all the groups are called. So I’m pretty sure we will have a lot of fun together there. And if possible, we all can ROI a bit while having fun. Let’s see what’s coming!

We’re organizing our lands to be near together so that we can rock that game! If you want to join, you can join the DappStats Telegram Group and ask for Guyver there – He will invite you to our Alliance group. Together we’re not only more influential in the game itself, but maybe we can build up also an in-game revenue, tokens, or whatever will come. Who knows? Let’s find out.

Last but not least, don’t miss out on the spin wheel event they have right now! There are game assets that can be won, LANDs worth $1800. So there is the chance to win a LAND asset, along with other prizes:

If you missed out the first article, here it is:

So, first of all, open this link and register yourself:

Don’t forget to spin the wheel! Wheeeeeeeeeee…

Read about the Pre-Registration Event here:

Read about the LANDs NFT here:

Join our DappStats Alliance on Telegram here (ask for Guyver):

Join League of Kingdoms Telegram Group here:

Hope to see you soon, neighbor <3