Here at Dapps.Buzz we have a very close relationship with, it can be found all over our site, we’ve got reviews, news and updates. We’ve got the VIP section designed to help increase Dappstats VIP rewards and engagement (more info). We’ve even got widgets and quick find links! But where do you, the New or Old, no not old, experienced crypto user start? What’s Dappstats? How can they help me? What if I’m a Dev? Can DappStats help me? Well hold the questions.

Lets dive once more into Dappstats and try bring together everything we know so far! It seems like most things in crypto, as soon as we write an article they’ve updated something else and we need to start again! Lets start there!

So, you’ve click onto, or clicked “statistics” section from (surprise!).

First handy tip, switch to Dark Mode at the top left! We love the new feature!

Main Bar:
Home, Dapps,Stats, Review, Token Sale, Dividends and Buy Crypto

You’ve found the homepage, whats on show this week?

Stake / Ether Legends /

Dont forget to check out the featured Dapps, who knows you might find something new to try!
Lets dive in and see what else we can find, click “dapps” on top navigation bar or “all dapps” on the featured bar!

With almost 2000 Dapps on show we should start by refining the category we want to search. Then we can dive in and find the Stats for our favorite Dapps, try the search bar for a quicker look at a specific Dapp!

We’ve typed “gand” and the 2 year old hourglass Gandhiji Dapp shows up, check the recent action, over 1.3K Eth in the last 24hours in this hourglass contract! Not to mention the New ATH of over 10K Eth ($2.5m)

Dont forget you can choose how to sort the stats, by balance/users/tx/volume even as you scroll!

Heading for readability, you’ll thank me later.

A few of the other tips and tricks I’d suggest for surfing the Dappstats site. At the the top right of the charts a slider indicates “new” dapps, give that a click and see whats been recently added. Sometimes you can find a new gem before the the masses! The the top left allows you to select between card / table view. (Notice the “trick”? 3 times I’ve written the the in that paragraph! Were you paying attention? Let me know in the comments, don’t bother telling me about the other 100 grammar issues)

Don’t forget to check out the Ads, although they are paid promo (one of the main incomes for Dappstats which feeds the DST token Divs) and sometimes they hold a true gem! As always DYOR before investing in any Dapp and remember Dappstats offer PAID PROMO which does not mean Dappstats endorses a Dapp and you should only invest if YOU decide it’s worth the risk.

So we’ve got the basics of the website, Dappstats provides the info we need to start our research into Dapps and allows us to make a slightly more educated decision whether to invest or not. Use the Stats and talk with other Dapp users, more about our community below, jump into our telegram. But what else do they offer? What makes them different from the other analytics sites?

Well, lets find some extras Dappstats have to offer!

Lets start with what Dappstats allows us to do here at Using the widget on the right hand side of our page we can show off the top Dapps from the day. It should be about here if my editing has worked >>

Lets find some more info on these awesome tools and see how it could help your Dapp or website grow!

Where do I find the widget? IOST Node and other important info?

There’s so much information a lot gets “hidden” in plain site, scrolling to the footer of we find many links we can use to our advantage!

Dappstats footer

DappStats Widget has easy to use options including drop down menus for style/type/platform/sort by/category

Plus easy sliders to choose between iframe or java, theme and if links are direct to Dapp or Stats page.

There’s also a handy visual to show how it’ll appear on your site/blog! showing 1 or upto 10 Dapps!

Add up to date stats of your Dapp onsite or straight into your blog with this easy widget.

What else have we forgot to mention? We haven’t even started yet!

Dappstats VIP club for exclusive rewards/giveaways/VIP bounties and Event room bounties and airdrops. Not to mention the awesome custom personal dappstats links which you can share with your friends ( as an example)

Dappstats holds so much info it’s easy to overlook important info, whilst comparing thousands of Dapps. Have you for example noticed Dappstats has it’s own IOST node?

You can vote for the node here and earn some rewards for doing so.

Social Media and the community:

Dappstats has a huge reach in the Crypto community, having started on telegram they’ve expanded to all corners of the crypto world, some of the more notable channels are listed below. By building a strong relationship with the Dapp community, engaging and communicating constantly we’ve managed to grow a strong base of REAL dapp users. Unlike most other advertising platforms/promoters who provide just the bare “reach” numbers we push to give the best to the people who matter, the Dapp users. We’ve worked out its better keeping up with the active community than the “numbers” community, yes 10000 eyes on your Dapp is great, but if no one is there to invest/play its a waste. A smaller constantly growing group of active Dapp users can make a much bigger impact because they’re keen to play/invest and grow the dapp space.

Social Media, we’ve got something for everyone:

  • Dappstats (Main Telegram) channel. Come join the main Channel and chat with the community, got a question about a Dapp/crypto/wallet? Ask in group and get opinions from thousands of Dapp users!
  • Discord (easy subsections with linked channels to telegram)
  • Telegram Dapp link finder channel. (Quick find links directly from telegram, for all the lazy sloths)
  • Dappstats News channel (Dapp News and Updates from the biggest Dapps)
  • DSTEvents room on Telegram for bounties/events
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Youtube

Other ties?

Dappstats also has ties with many Dapps across different chains.
Which allows us to create Alliances in game. Plus offer exclusive NFT tokens/rewards for our users.

Notable mentions:

A few of the previous Dappstats giveaways can be found right here on Dapps.Buzz, with some exclusives for VIPs (join VIP) its worth checking out (* Dapps.Buzz articles with prizes including VIP exclusives):

So…That’s it? That’s all Dappstats has to offer?

We’ve barely even scratched the surface of what dappstats has to offer, but, I’ve read through the article and I nearly fell asleep, how is there so much info? Dappstats really does provide for the users! Oh check this out (LOVE IT) Not related to the article at all! Time for a Smoke and a nap? It’s the Sloth way! Don’t tell boss man Patric, he’ll take away toilet privileges again, I only get to go once a week as it is! Here he comes, shht, Back to work!

As I was saying, Dappstats has so much more to offer! Some short points to round us off!

Global Stats Page on Dappstats has info from Eth, Tron and IOST blockchains, how do they compete against each other?

Our onsite Exchange Powered by CoinSwitch for seamless transactions across 200+ CryptoCurrencies, or buy direct from Fiat!

DappStats Token (DST) is available directly from Dappstats website, holders can earn a share of the sites ad and referral revenue, money earned by the users given back.

For marketing or other information Please contact us by email:
[email protected] 

Alternatively Message cryptoosid via Dappstats Telegram for a faster response!

We’ve got something to help all Dapps grow!

DappStats offer a variety of other services, including Telegram/Discord moderation. Working with other providers we also provide Banner/sticker/Ad and other design work, Translations and proof reading services. Coding/contract and Developer help. Any other help you require give us a shout, we’ll try our best to get you what you need to succeed in the Dapp space!!

Easily Submit your Dapp today and show your stats against thousands of other Dapp Developers!

Well, That’s all Dappers, Happy Dapping and give me a shout on the socials!

Jump on over to and check out 1000s of Dapps now with over $10M Daily!
Jump on over to and check out 1000s of Dapps now with over $10M Daily!