What kind of a DApp is Moolah.bet? What games do they offer? Is it legit? In this review, you will find the answer to all of those questions and also get a good overview of how it all works. So let’s dig into it, shall we?

What is Moolah.bet?

The simple answer to that question is a gambling Dapp. It supports 4 different crypto-currencies: TRX EOS IOST UPDC with which users can play and mine CNR tokens. Those are the Moolah’s Platform tokens which you can afterwards stake and start earning daily dividends income.

What kind of games does Moolah.bet offer?

Moolah.bet currently offers one well-known, provably fair, in-house game – DICE and 46 Slots by Platipus in its gaming section. In future Moolah plans to release more in-house games, PvP games, more slots and also a Sports Book. The typical current mining rate is 156.61 TRX / 1 CNR.

Dividends and Jackpots:

The dividends pool has been rather constant in the past days/weeks – remaining at around 100k TRX daily payout. Furthermore Moolah.bet offers its players to win a Jackpot every 6 hours.

Is it legit?

Moolah.bet was launched in October 2019 and has been paying its users ever since. The platform isn’t that big and many games/features are yet to be released, but it certainly isn’t a scam. So if you feel like gambling and have some spare TRX go check it out and if you have played over there already – let us know how was it for you in the comments please. As with everything please do your own research before investing in any DApp.

Useful Links:

Official Website: https://moolah.bet/
Official Telegram: https://t.me/moolahbet
Whitepaper: https://docs.moolah.bet/Moolah_Whitepaper.pdf