Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the October Waazaaaah! I use this new format to supersede the Express FOMO Direct Bush News. And it’s also a personal start to a new era for me, now that I had a long break from the public part of our Crypto projects. In this first Waazaaaah, I will cover just the projects I’m directly involved.

Personally Patric

I was mainly “offline” in the last three months because I changed my day job and moved out of the house we lived in, into an apartment. My Stepdaughter also moved into an apartment, which may be the most challenging change in my life. I miss her so badly, and it looks like it’s also the case for her, till now we couldn’t be a day without seeing us.

I faced all the changes a bit depressed and anxious, because yeah, everything I know has changed, everything I love has changed. This track was my hymn in the last few months:

But being offline from the chats doesn’t mean that everything stood still, absolutely not. It may look a bit dead around our projects right now, but the fact is that there is a lot of stuff going on in the background. The DappStats dividends, as an example, are continually growing, and the success rises from day today.

Sid less active?

He’s around, but a bit less active nowadays. He’s the reason why the DappStats Dividends are growing on a daily base from the marketing side. He’s building the DappStats Foundation, so that we can be safe with that project and that Divs in the future. He needs a lot of work in the background, which he’s rushing through.

Erika the Push-Up-Queen!

With Erika on the public front pushing the Divs from the project’s Ref-Side, we have the ball up running. Erika, at this point here: I appreciate your work so much, keep it up! You’re the DappStats Tank. Erika, thanks for being so assertive, pushy, and consequential. We need this to grow all together.

Thanks to everybody else involved!

Thanks to the early investors, Ex-Admins & actual Admins, and the DappStats VIPs! Thanks to the whole DappStats Community!

Craptoradio can be Cryptoradio.FM, if we change everything!

It’s a crap situation. We’ve built a web radio server to test Cryptoradio last year. Then we changed to a professional web radio hoster to have our web radio up and running. We needed a professional hoster because of the media delivery network that comes with such a hoster. Of course, we need a professional way to organize our radio station. And after four months of experiences with, we turn back to our own hosting solution. can’t serve what we need; neither is a professional service (it just costs as much as one): Stuff that is legally required for a web radio station if you’re registered and pay for royalties is not covered there.

In the meantime, the web radio service we’ve built also has its own media delivery network on four servers we own worldwide. We’ve built a whole server farm across the globe to bring you the best radio experience.

Why you have to build everything that is already around?

…they asked me a few months ago. But the Cryptoradio App is also crap. Thanks, We then looked at App generators, you know, the no-code build your super app story: Was shit. So we had to dive into templates, codes, and devs. It was great. I’ve created a Crypto Tracker, built the web radio player, and mixed a few premade templates. But as soon I want to have it perfect, I can’t change the fact that I need to code it by myself, which is happening.

Waazaaah next??

Next will be more public activity around the projects. Now that a few features are coming, there will be more noise around. DApps.Buzz has big plans; the vision is coming together. The experiences we made the last few months and the technologies we’ve built will be a good foundation for everything coming up. We start with the transition of Cryptoradio.FM, and move on with features that everybody will love around the projects.

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to collect your Divs!