Woohoo, Ladies and Gentlemen, what an incredible ride! HEX, all the way! Today is a special day! And tomorrow also! Because it’s the last two days of HEX’s Adoption Amplifier (AA). It’s the last chance to join HEX from the AA lobby: Imagine a bucket with 1 Billion HEX in it, which day 1 had. Now imagine an empty bucket that users fill with ETH. Your percentage of the ETH bucket gets that same percentage of the HEX bucket at the end of the day. Every day the buckets empty and start over for 351 days. Tomorrow we reach day 351.

HEX has not only developed fantastic till my first Investment; it also had special side effects. HEX copycats popped out of nothing all over the crypto world. And they used an excellent way to market to the Hexicans: They airdropped us with their coins. There were legit projects and already many exit scams, but I loved the airdrops and made a good bag of money out of these projects by just selling their tokens high. It was great; it made me happy. But now the real shit is going on! Just the HEX price alone went up 263x in 301 days. And I don’t know what happens when the bucket is empty. I’m super excited to experience what comes next.

Richard Heart is answering questions on Twitter since yesterday. The Hexologist is also accompanying us with daily pieces of information. The Hexican Community is just great. Everything is doing good, and sometimes I think it’s way too good to be true. But let’s see what the masters have to say, a small collection of pieces of information I need for myself and my excitement, I share them with you:

Here the primary Tweet to join:

And answers to the most important questions, first of all:

And second, what we all want to know:

And answers I liked:

Join also Hexologist’s countdown. It’s excellent the information he spreads at us. And he’s a good guy; I like him and his effort:

And what does the community think happens with HEX after AA?

What happens if people wait on a HEX DIP?


This article was the information I wanted to throw at you, Ladies and Gentlemen, is now the right time to join HEX if you missed the entry before? Better wait, what happens after AA closes? Or is now the last opportunity to join HEX at this maybe low price?

Join the HEX community here!