Hello, and welcome to another addition of Sloth bores you to death! I Know you’ve been missing me, my last venture out of the tree took a lot longer than normal but here I am again!

This time I come looking for YOUR crypto story, I’ve posted mine before probably more than once and I’ll be adding an updated version we’ve added OZOR (more info). Check out Ozor and sign up if you’re interested! We’ve got lots of exciting developments coming soon! (Don’t click my sloth site, I’m not a web dev, someone HELP ME!!!!…no seriously…anyone?)

Sloth you’re waffling again, What’s the point?

Ok, let me get into it. Today I come asking for Y’all to participate! I want to know your crypto Story. Whether you’ve been in crypto 1 day or 10 years, everyone has something to share! So drop me a comment here, or reach out on socials and drop me a DM. You can find me on Twitter, Telegram or Discord

What do you want to know?

Just looking to compile some information on people that’ve been in the space a while. I’ve got a few questions if you could answer some/all of them, I’ll then compile an article or two depending on the responses I get. If you can’t answer all questions don’t worry, and if you think theirs anything else I should ask to people let me know. I’ll probably have some follow up questions if you’re up for it also.

When and How did you get into crypto?
How you became “full time crypto”? Or if you have’t why not?
What country are you from and How your country regulations affect crypto?
Where you see Crypto going in 1 year/5years/10years?
How do you earn daily/weekly from crypto?
Any platforms/chains you would “recommend” (Obviously not financial advice…however if you’ve had any “crypto financial advice” where’d you get it?)
Where’s the best place to get informed on Crypto for beginners/Intermediate/Advanced users.
What mobile/desktop wallets you use
Is there any “influencers” you follow (youtube/twitter/telegram) and do you pay for these “services”
Are you actively a part of any Crypto project? (Dev, community admin, just a big supporter?)

…..would be awesome if you could share your story.