Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this is just a short piece of news about DApps.Buzz made the transition to the OZOR network. I already feel a big difference, and many possibilities open up now: This is the first article on DApps.Buzz through the OZOR network.

As you can see in the image, we’re also testing around with an Ethereum DEX; we just saved the chain’s smart contract today. And now, from there, we’re collecting experiences and empower this network. You can take a look here; it fully works; take care of the high gas fees! As long the costs are so high, we don’t link the DEX to the site’s public part.

I also built the token rewards system, so don’t forget to log in to OZOR and interact with the content so that you can earn OZOR tokens. More news is on the way. Actually, I’m entirely into tech getting the stuff done that I have in the pipe.

Remember, the projects are still on their own. Just the userbase and the tokens are connected through, with, and on OZOR. This means, if you’re logged in with OZOR, visit Cryptoradio.FM and listen to music, you will be rewarded through the OZOR network. You can use the same login you used for DApps.Buzz before on OZOR.

So, this is it. I have to move on and continue the work. Keep in mind that missing stuff is coming soon – As an example, the DBT tokens that have to be swapped to OZOR token. ASAP. Feel free to ask questions in our Telegram community.