Woohoo, ladies and gentlemen, and happy new year!

The last piece of news here was precisely two months ago by me, and a few days before that article, Sloth was telling you his return story. No worries, he never was away; it’s just in his perspective. When a Sloth surpasses a road, he thinks he’s out. The rest of the world sees a slow animal that took a week to go to the other side of the road and had another week to come back. But yeah, now Sloth, exactly after two months and five days: Welcome back. We love you, Sloth!

It’s not much missing right now till all the projects around are finished, and we can focus just on content for the rest of the year. So we’re super near to one of our milestones on this path. So let’s show you what we have together right now:

You saw all the Twitter censorship drama going on last few months, so we built a decentralized version of it with Mastodon. Look what it is:

Understood? Good! Because our instance is technical-crypto focussed but has a catchy entry point for just everybody: toot.ninja
Just join, follow me, and you will learn how to use it. And shortly we have big plans with this system! JOIN HERE!!

100Spins is a Slotmachine niche site, which already is having massive traffic. As I built that project to record my Slotmachines spins and have them as content, instead of just spending on what I like to do a few times a month to relax – I like the Bonus games so much and want to see every one of them and document it! I thought I was alone with this, but not. So there is already content that people are enjoying, now the DappStats advertising will be implemented there, so casinos with excellent slot machines can choose to advertise there.

The Crypto DApps.Buzz Paradise Chat on Telegram, which before merging with DApps.Buzz was the Crypto Paradise Community, now is rebranded. The new Community Name is CryptoMyFace. It took us a long journey to find the right name for our rebranding project. Yeah, I see you’re laughing, but wait till it happens, and you suddenly become thrown Crypto in Your Face… I would join and be prepared for whatever surprise will show up. But… Finally, it’s up to you if you want to miss it or not.

CryptoMyFace is precisely about this, not missing stuff. But, yeah, you have to do the first step, as usual.

This is it! I have to move on now, too much to do, too little time! Have a great day and see you around, hopefully also as a Toot Ninja!