Introducing the One Sun Challenge! It’s time, lock your Sun for 2 Years and watch the value grow! (Speculation of course, no one can tell for sure what the price will do, hopefully by locking up Sun tokens it’ll help raise the value long term!)

Again we look to “CryptoTwitters” DizzyJay! He brought us the One Sun Challenge before introducing the “LTSArmy” to help liquidate Tron shorters! We recently published an article on this Here

So what’s the “One Sun Challenge” I hear you ask! Give us details you scream! Well here it is!


One Sun Challenge

It’s simple. Hodl 1 “sun” token for 2 years. You don’t need anything special, just a tron wallet. Buy a minimum of one Sun token and leave it in your wallet for 2 years. Leave a comment on this post to let us know you’re in!

You can buy Sun Tokens via “JustSwap”. Justswap SUN-TRX

Want to help raise awareness and bring others on board? Use the #onesun hashtag on social media!

Join DizzyJay, the “one sun manager” and lock away the Sun!


#onesun #onesunchallenge