6AM club welcome’s it’s new member the new and improved SlothlyD! It’s been a while, but then I feel like I write that on most articles….Anyways does anyone even read this? HMU in CryptoMyFace Telegram with tag #slothmyface and I’ll send you a prize?! Get that in early and see who’s paying attention because you all missed the last one!

So what’s new I hear you ask! I’m currently writing 3 more articles, none of which are past the heading, so why am I starting with this one? Well I don’t really know myself! I guess I just wanted to lay my plans down so I have to follow through, stop the procrastination!

Let’s dive in and see what Sloth is up to this week!

6AM Club

I’ve started the 6am club! Come join us, (CryptoMyFace) get up early and prepare for the day! I always struggled with getting out of bed, especially with the last year of corona and lockdowns! It’s given me a reason to get up and move! One of the best bits of advice I read was “No matter how bad you feel when you wake, in 10mins you’ll feel totally different!”. Find a routine that works for you, check the news, do some brain training, work out, tidy the house for 10mins. Do what ever you need to to shake off the sleepy eyes and spring into a new day!

Personally this little Sloth likes to stretch first thing in the morning, do a little exercise (push ups, sit ups, squats) before grabbing a coffee, turning on CryptoRadio.FM and checking the Crypto Charts. Next is the social media run around, my main Telegram channels (Dappstats and CryptoMyFace) followed by food glorious food!

Recently I’ve managed to put a couple hours into things before my real day starts, although still working full time I’m pushing to start “day trading” crypto. Might have to make an article all about day trading soon…as or when I work out what I’m doing! Currently trying to edit this article via mobile, thinking I need to get a better grasp of my gadgets, pretty sure my iPad could become a productive work station if used right. No wonder I get nothing done when I don’t utilise my assets! (Anyone know a cheap ipad keyboard?)

Current work in progress

For now, I’m pushing some more articles to Dapps.Buzz, (3 currently in the process, Sun challenge, LTS and Dappstats Affiliates!) beginning my journey into Mastodon to grow my social media following, are you following me yet? Mastodon Toot.Ninja and don’t forget to drop me a follow on Twitter SlothlyD.

I’ve recently been working along side “Dapp Centre”. An Aspiring Youtube channel and crypto community which has been creating waves in the Crypto space. Check out their Youtube here: or join the Telegram community here. I especially like their reviews and weekly live stream! Check out this awesome Dappstats overview!

What does the future hold?

The future for Sloth always look exciting, there’s always something new happening and I can’t wait to share more details with you! As mentioned previously we’ve been working on the “CryptoMyFace” brand. A spin from the CPR community bringing users from Dapps.Buzz and ozor too! Not to mention our CryptoRadio which streams 24/7 with the best music for your ear holes!

We’re looking to add more DJs to our ranks, think you’ve got what it takes to pleasure the ears of crypto lovers? Give us a message and we’ll give you some more info! Grab your chance to begin your Radio career, generate interest in your brand or just enjoy having some creative freedom for an hour! We’ve got advertising for projects too, get your project in front of more users. Check it out today: CRFM-advertising.

I’m sure I had more to add but I need to make an image for this post then start my next 3, I guess that will do for now! Just another Slothly update that I know you all love!

Oh on a final note before I go, do sloth a favour, add CryptoRadioFM to your favourites on