Liquidate Trx Shorters – A new movement is growing, spearheaded by one of “CryptoTwitters” finest DizzyJay. Who recently brought you the “Sun staking challenge“. It’s time to join the Tron community as they work together to push out the Tron shorters! This isn’t your usual pump and dump group. In fact the “Liquidate Trx Shorters” Group intends to show the true value of Tron without the horrible dump that usually follows a “pump” movement.

After spending a few days in their telegram channel LTSARMY, the main admins are keen to show users this isn’t your ordinary Pump. They’re in fact looking to stop the to stop pump and dumps and quick gains and instead raise the floor and create a more sustainable price. There’s endless opportunities out there to earn Crypto and make the whole crypto ecosystem better.

Why not join in today, join their Telegram, below, or follow DizzyJay on Twitter! There’s lot more to find out and I’ll be publishing another article soon looking at the best staking options for Tron, but for now join the movement. So, it’s time Buy Tron, remove from exchanges and Liquidate Trx Shorters!

Find out where’s the BEST place to Stake your Tron : Tron Staking

LTSArmy – Tronics unite! Liquidate Trx Shorters $TRX



LiqudateTrxShorters – Join LTS ARMY

This is the plan:
We assemble!
Then buy trx from centralized exchanges. #SpotBuysOnly
Next, we withdraw all $trx from exchanges to our wallets. (lowering liquidity)
It’s then time to Freeze it. (Rewards galore! More info coming soon!)
Prepare for the next buy day.
Finally, Repeat!