Tron Staking is becoming a big talking point after the recent #LiquidateTronShorters movement. Questions have begun arising about where is the “best” place to stake your tron and lock it out of circulation. So where’s the “best” place to stake your tron? Let’s dive in and look at the options.

Freezing to Vote / Selling energy

The most common and “easiest” staking method is freezing your Tron. You can Freeze your Tron via or via most Tron wallets. After freezing for energy/Bandwidth you can either Vote for SR’s earning a small return each day. Or sell your energy via Token Goodies also show’s the “best” SR rewards. Here’s a handy Youtube tutorial to get you started:


Dapps.Buzz Choice

It is well know that we here at Dapps.Buzz have a close association with Dapp Analytics site. This is our TOP PICK for “staking” Tron. (Please consider risk before investing in ANY project). In order to Stake on Dappstats and earn a share from thousands of users playing Dapps and using the vital Dapp Analytics service you need to purchase DST (DappStatsTokens) from Justswap. (here) As always please ensure you’re using the correct link so you get the right token ( Token address : TXK1mxwg5yvQbLegWFoCRzBf2Din4kPLGJ )

Once you’ve got your token you can stake it on the homepage of Dappstats. Check out some of our other articles for more info regarding Dappstats, their services and more including VIP!

A look into Dappstats from Dappcentre an upcoming Crypto Youtuber:


Tron Staking on Exchanges / Wallets for APR

One of the other safe options for staking your tokens on an exchange for annual interest. Some options are Binance Savings for 0.78% on their “flexi plan”. There’s also Kucoin staking for 7.72% APR. Both of which can easily be found onsite or via their apps.

Atomic Wallet staking Offers 5% APR.

Tron Staking on Dapps / Defi

Staking via Dapps can be the most lucrative ROI for staking your Tron token, this however also has the highest risk.

Some of the first Dapp’s that spring to mind when thinking about Staking Tron are Tron Prime, VoidX and of course JustLend. There are LOTS of options out there, in fact we suggest you check out for a full list of Dapps. Most Dapps have some form of staking option available from Wink to BetFury, by earning coins or other means. As always in crypto it is important to DYOR (Do your own research) And never invest more than you’re willing to LOSE. Not willing to LOSE it? Don’t risk it!

Liquidity provider

Just swap offer “liquidity providers fees”. You can stake your Tron in one of the pools and earn a small share of each transaction. Some of the biggest pools are Trx-USDT, Trx-JST or Trx-Sun. If you’re grabbing some sun tokens why not participate in the Sun Challenge

This guide is a very basic overview of the options out there, only YOU can decide how much risk you’re willing to take with your Tokens. The safest option is always to just freeze for voting. This also provides you with energy and bandwidth to interact with other contracts. If you want to do any other you do so at your own risk. We hope you’re participating in the LTSArmy mission to push out Tron shorters and prove the “real” price of Tron Token. If you have any more questions you can ask the Dappstats community ( the Dapps.Buzz/Oroz community ( or the LTS Army (

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, if you found it useful please share it with your friends / via social media! Let’s keep the dream alive, and push Tron to the top!

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