DappStats.com is one of the world’s leading Crypto Dapp Analytics sites! Having launched in September 2019, Dappstats has strived to provide the most accurate stats and blockchain information! This has allowed us to pay $tron to our DST stakers. So we invite you to check out Dappstats.com for yourself and begin your journey into Dapps. Join thousands of others and check out the latest update from the Dappstats team including TOKEN BURN and new chains! “What’s in store for Q1 2021

DappStats Model Explained

Crypto is about providing financial freedom to people, Dappstats helps smaller crypto users gain money back just by sharing and playing Dapps!

We’ve found the “crypto whales” are pretty savvy when it comes to earning Crypto. They know about self refs, gaming the system, using bots / other techniques to their advantage. They learn to read contracts and research who’s behind a platform.

For some of the newer crypto users this can all be overwhelming, they rely on word of mouth, and more often than not get caught in the FOMO. Youtubers and content creators are great at creating FOMO. This is how THEY EARN! At Dappstats we aim to show a fuller picture of Dapps, by providing stats and services. Along side our awesome community that discuss Dapps and crypto to find the cream of the crop. Of course there’s lots of disagreements, what’s for one user might not be for another. In fact, Dappstats community even has a little sheep that is very hard to please. Jump into telegram and you’ll see what I mean!

Are you a Dappstats affiliate?

Sustainability is Key!

Do you own DST tokens?
(DST on Justswap)

Have you staked them at Dappstats.com?

Then YOU are the driving force behind Dappstats.

You are the affiliate marketing that pushes Dappstats forward. One of our main source of income is from users, by using and sharing Dappstats links, YOU generate staking rewards.

Bring your friends, share Dappstats links on social media, and play the Dapps you love via dappstats.com. So next time you’re spinning the dice at Betfury, battling mighty hero’s at Splinterlands or using the latest Tron Defi on Tronprime, use the Dappstats link and earn yourself more rewards!

Introducing Advertising cashback!

To further enhance our user experience we’re introducing some new offers to our users!

First is our Advertising Cashback. Get your favourite Dapps / Crypto projects to advertise through Dappstats and we’ll give you 10% from DappStats share! We don’t want to take anything away from our users so the div share won’t be touched!

This pilot program will run for 3 months.

DappStats Ambassador Program

Our second addition is the new Dappstats Ambassador program.

So if you have a blog / Youtube or other content creation methods, and would you like help building your brand?
Join the Dappstats Ambassador team.

Dappstats are looking for motivated, creative and intuitive people to drive home the brand. Bringing the best out of crypto and showcasing what Dapps have to offer. By working in unison with Dappstats you’ll gain access to special help, creative content, mass social media campaigns and more. Not only this you can earn whilst growing your own brand.

Dappstats will provide you with personal referral wallets to your favourite chains which you can share on your social media to generate referral revenue. As your brand grows so will your referrals and overall share. Join the telegram now to find out more: Dappstats AA (Affiliate and Ambassador) and of course our main Dappstats room to interact with the community.

Content creators will enter the system via levels. Depending on activity and referral earnings. There’s some limitations to who can apply by minimum size / following, more info in group don’t be afraid to try if you’ve a small following. As long as you meet activity levels we’ll have something for you!

Ambassador incentives

Level 1 – 60 / 40 – 60% to Dappstats – 40% to Ambassador.
Level 2 – 50 / 50 – After $500 generated
(VIPs start at level 2 (vip info), or new users can buy in to level 2 for $100)
Level 3 – 40 / 60 for Ambassador ($2000 generated).
Level 4 – (25/75) may be introduced.

Dappstats Ambassador provides further incentive to push Dappstats links, growing the overall dividend pool for Dappstats and allowing you to reach your potential as a crypto influencer.

Dappstats will also create a monthly reward pool for all Ambassadors, for the first 3 month’s we’ve set aside 0.01 BTC per month (current $$ value keeps rising!), if we have a minimum of $250 generated in the month. This will be divided to each ambassador based on the total amount they collect so getting started early could really help!

( 0.01BTC / Total amount generated * your generated amount = your share.)

Depending on the success of the ambassador program this amount could increase or decrease after the initial 3 month period. Share the affiliate program (link) with your friends today!

How else can you help Dappstats grow?

Dappstats are always looking for motivated community member to help grow awareness of Dappstats and increase the benefit for all DST stakers.

How else can you get involved? Well we’ve got openings from community “activity makers”. Bloggers and DJs to Youtubers and Social media influencers. Our VIP program offers even more from Dappstats including rewards for putting a little extra into growing the foundations of Dappstats. Read more about VIP.

Currently our main requirement is more content creators, we’re looking for community driven articles to be posted on our social media sites including Uptrend , Publish0x , Hive , LBRY, Reddit and Youtube.

Could you bring new advertising content? Images and gifs, videos or songs! If your talents lie in any of these categories we’d love to hear from you! So, what are you waiting for, come and join our Creative Content group or Reach out to SlothlyD on Telegram now and find out how you can help Dappstats grow!

If you’d like to be kept up to date with all the latest Crypto news or just want Crypto chat in your face, come join us in the slightly more relaxed “CryptoMyFace” room. Bringing together some of the biggest projects in Crypto from Ozor to CRFM! We’ll see you there! Don’t forget to check out all the other SlothlyD articles.


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