Have you heard of the CryptoSloth yet? He’s been a round a few years now and brought you some great stories such as Crypto Sloth has landed and A Sloths Update. Well this post is all about, you guessed it! That super awesome sloth! Why I hear you ask? Why not I hear the sloth reply!

As part of any great CryptoSloth articles (actually it’s SlothlyD), let’s have a prize for anyone who bothers to read it! Send a screenshot of you listening to CryptoRadio.FM into CryptoMyFace and SlothlyD will give you a gift!

So I know what you’re all thinking, where can I find out more about this awesome possum? No wait, Seductive Sloth! Look no further, I’ve added all my links to this handy Sloth Tree! My favourite place to be!


CryptoSloth, Is that all?

Yup, that’s all. Just a sloth doing what a sloth does best and giving himself some love! I hope to see you joining me on Social media! Drop me a follow, leave a comment and a like! I’m watching for y’all! PS remember the prize!! I’m heading back to my Tree, see y’all in a week or so!