How to build your Crypto Social Image?

You’ve found Crypto and you’re looking how to build your crypto social image. Its a daunting process with challenges around every corner! What platform to use? Who to trust? Where to find the best information?

Well look no further! Dappstats Ambassador program has you covered.

Get the help you need to grow your crypto social media brand, become a “crypto influencer” in no time. With Dappstats pushing your content there’s no limit to how far you can soar! DappStats can help you get off to a winning start! The Dappstats team can assist you in setting up Blogs / Youtube channels / Lbry / Dlive / any other streaming platform. Dappstats will give you an early base to get your content viewed by more Dapp users. By focusing on a specific market you can push your talents to the limits and enjoy the benefit of having a team behind you!

Going it alone in Crypto is a hard. There’s always someone else coming along trying to steal your thunder! Utilising Dappstats Ambassador program gives you the advantage over the competition! Plus working with other ambassadors you can learn and grow your branding at your own pace!

So what is Dappstats Ambassador program and how can it help you?

Bitwise Claims 95% of BTC Trading Volume Fake | ChainBits Dapp Analytics site offers users the perfect opportunity to grow their own brand and social media influence! Whether you’re a blogger / youtuber or other content creator Dappstats can help you! DappStats Ambassador program sets you up with a Crypto wallet to share crypto games and services to other users. Most Crypto projects offer some form of “referral” system. By building on these referrals with Dappstats help, your potential expansion is limitless!

DappStats will push your content via their social media including to Twitter, Telegram and LBRY. There’s also the option to promote or build your content via Dappstats / Dapps.Buzz / CryptoMyface and CryptoRadio.FM. Yes! We’re even looking for Crypto DJs! Introducing you and your branding to thousands of potential viewers!

On top of any revenue you generate from your work via Youtube / Dlive / Lbry / Steemit / Hive or what ever your chosen platform. DappStats Ambassadors will earn a share from all referral revenue they have generated, plus Dappstats have offered 0.01 BTC (approx $520) per month to be shared by Ambassadors, this could increase if there’s enough demand, so get in early and start earning your share!


In conclusion if you’re looking how to build your crypto social media. Dappstats Ambassador program opens doors for “influencers” to reach their potential, whilst giving them the opportunity to earn whilst they build their brand. DappStats Analytic platform will give users a platform to highlight their talent and earn whilst doing so!

Check out more info on the Ambassador program or jump into the Dappstats Telegram top find out more information! You can leave a comment on this post or message SlothlyD directly to get more info! DappStats looks forward to working with you!

Here’s some content from our ambassadors!

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