Tron’s Defi “Century Mining” is now open

Century Mining is now live! Building on my recent articles regarding Tron and Staking. You can now stake your Tron in the Century mining pools, gaining Sun, Tron, BTT, JST and WIN tokens. Jump on over to Justlend or Sun to start mining now. Although there are several pools to stake and earn from, the main difference is either the LP pools and JustLend pools. The Just Lend pools have a lower APR however are “safer” for users not willing to risk the impermanent loss from price changes whilst using Liquidity provider pools.

After a day of excitement the mining pools seem to have found a balance. Yesterday I was helping some of the LTSArmy get involved. I managed to join Century Mining within the first hour with a few small stakes, the rewards look not bad. Whales have already got a huge share, with 35 Billion Tron ($1.6B) being staked in total. A great success for the first 24 hours of mining. This has also meant some Tron frozen for SRs has been unfrozen increasing SR pay-outs for those still with Frozen Tron.

Liquidity Century Mining

Liquidity mining have taken a hit since launch yesterday, Justin had showed them on twitter with very high APY’s over 5000% in some cases, they were above this for about 30 minutes before dropping, a sure sign of the popularity of this event. This morning around 18 hours into they were still around the 500% mark. Now at the time of writing, they’re closer to 50% almost making them the same as the lower risk JustLend pools.

JustLend Century Mining

Overall it looks like a great move from Tron, locking up more Tokens and rewarding those taking part over the next 24 weeks as the mining rewards are unlocked. Every week 1/24th will be unfrozen and moved to your claim section.

The staking set up reminds me of V2x which has been on Tron for a few months, they also have LP staking and JustLend type single token staking. V2x is the brain child of the Voidx and T2x Teams, unfortunately it didn’t receive the attention it deserved after launch. They’re still developing and adding Staking options so still well worth checking out, especially since it’s much less diluted than the Sun Staking. Find out more.

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DappStats keeps on giving!

No Dapps.Buzz article would be complete without an honorary mention of our Dapp Analytics Partner Dappstats. DappStats has been striving to give more to their users this year! With the recent launch of their Polling Dapp, they’re able to get better feedback from their users. Owning Dappstats Tokens (DST) give you voting rights. Soon they’ll be polling to find the Best Dapps for the week/month to offer some free promotion! So stock up on those DST tokens and help your favourite get more exposure!

There’s also a new “token tracker” for JustSwap tokens, check it out and see what gems you’ve forgotten about in you Tron wallet.

More great DappStats news

Dappstats have burned 80 MILLION tokens, this reduced their total token supply from 100m to just 20M! Great for all those holding DST tokens as it limits dilution. A portion of those 20m tokens are in “dead” wallets. So there’s never been a better time to snap up some DST and get staking.

Now they’ve added the much hyped Binance Smart Chain, this should open new avenues for advertising and revenue for the DST Staking pool! DappStats also have EOS stats coming live in the next couple of days, if you check their site today you’ll see some of the Stats have already begun populating the charts.

DappStats yet again pushes to be the best analytics site for users and Devs alike. Unlike the “traditional” Dapp Analytics site, Dappstats put their focus on the users, creating community events and engagement. Utilising their Telegram group and VIP where most of the action happens they’re able to help users find the best new Dapps and get in early. Not to mention giving Devs the exposure they need to increase their overall volume and revenue.

Find the latest BSC Dapps and their stats right now at Dappstats!

Some of the popular BSC Dapps to check out:


Remember DYOR and only invest what you’re willing to LOSE! These are just suggestions of some of the Dapps available. Not financial advice. Always think carefully before investing YOUR money into ANYTHING.