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It’s time for another Crypto Update, as always sloth expresses his personal opinions, no financial advice. A quick look at todays Crypto prices from, the freshest Dapps from and the $50 Crypto giveaway! Don’t forget to check out the new site too!

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A quick look at todays top coins, we see Doge coin reaching the Top 10 after a run to $0.45. bitcoin dominance still showing strong with a current price of $62k. Ethereum had a little run over the $2500 mark, currently sitting at $2471. All prices recovering nicely from yesterdays massive Doge pump, normally a signal of the alt season really kicking off. Do you think we’re in the beginning of alt season? Or will Bitcoin pull away and retain it’s dominance?

Todays most used Dapps from Dappstats

Todays most used Dapps show us BSC is still leading the way holding a nice majority of the Top 10. Users numbers on a slight decrease but overall a strong Dapp day. Poloni dex and SushiSwap being the only two competitors not on BnB smart chain. Can we see anything match the dominance of pancake swap in the near future? Will century mining on Tron make Justlend or Sun io platforms come back to the top? Can Ethereum’s Dapp run make a come back with layer 2 scaling being added?

Don’t forget Dappstats offers PAID promotion, for example Bfarm in the above post, most of the BnB roi dapps have come to their untimely end as the contracts run dry. As always, make sure to DYOR and never invest more than you’re willing to LOSE in any project.

New Dapps New Dapps

Todays New Dapps from show us 11 entries, another few BnB “roi” staking Dapps. Be sure to keep an eye on the contracts, if the value is going up, it’s normally a good time to get in. When it starts dropping you better get out before everyone else. Most Roi Dapps are only really profitable for the first few users or those with a LOT of refs. Join the Dappstats community and ref share with 1000s of other users to grow the staking rewards for everyone! Speaking of which, current DST token info below!

DappStats (DST) Token info

DappStats Token (DST) Justswap

DappStats Analytics offers a staking platform for DappStats Tokens (DST) which pays users a share of all revenue generated by Dappstats. As Dapps and Dapp users increase so does the available staking rewards. By working together everyone can benefit from Dappstats staking. DappStats has a range of Ambassadors who work to increase this staking pool, more details and how to become an ambassador (Here). Join the Dappstats telegram community and learn more about Crypto and Dapps.

DST Staking rewards

Daily staking rewards of 1946 trx being dropped today.

Daily Payouts (approx)

1000 DST = .18 Tron ($.03)
10,000 DST = 1.8 Tron ($.31)
100,000 DST = 18.3 Tron ($3.15)
1,000,000 DST = 183.03 Tron ($31.46)

Payouts are approx.
Holding a steady $ price although the total paid out has dropped slightly over the last week or so. How will the Tron price effect future DST staking rewards?

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