Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, happy Dogeday! It was a long time ago as I wrote my last article on DApps.Buzz. I had to focus on the technical part of the things, while SlothlyD took over the content part here! Thanks, Bro, for your effort; I love you! Just continue to push forward like that!

Besides the technical part, we also brought the Crypto Paradise community to a new life, rebranding the community into CryptoMyFace, having a core team that can bring DApps into life, with an extended team marketing part. And the best community ever. It’s a small one, but the finest around. Small Bonus is the CryptoMyFace Website that is growing and growing. We already have a lot of quality traffic there, so this project is doing fantastic so far.

To have everything fully automated and working together, we needed a combination of a few technical self-hosted alternatives out there. We built a Mastodon instance called Toot Ninja, which makes me proud: A self-hosted Twitter alternative federated. Which means the content is king. You instantly see the difference when you join deeper in the Mastodon topic.

Then we also have Unir Chat, a Matrix node. Also, a federated and decentralized story like Email is: You don’t need to have a Google email to send an email to a Gmail user. This interoperability is something that we need in Chat systems, and Matrix has a secure, fast, and brilliant open solution to this approach. It’s not the first time we built a Matrix server, but this time we use it with fewer resources needed. We connect with it Telegram and Discord so that we also have activities on the Discord part. Sadly, I know; get rid of Discord 😉

But yeah, the story is that not everybody will be able to use our Matrix instance, so that the registration will be open just for seven days. No worries, if you want to join later, you can also do it through another node with another handle. But you can always join our groups there. It’s as said, federated in that big network.

The story is that only people that love technics join such alternatives usually. Remember Telegram? We were also those guys; in the beginning, nobody wanted to join, was only the Nerdchat. And today? It completely changed. They are all on Telegram, and they’re so strong, they can pump a Dogecoin so that every intelligent chain on the Cryptosphere looks like the most idiotic approach to this topic. It seems that in 2021 this is the new standard. Also, the NFT market… NFT’s with just metadata in them is not how it’s intended to work. I know it’s challenging to get stuff into a token. I know it costs more to store on the blockchain. But yeah, where is the intelligent approach? We worked so hard to prove that we’re building the future and not that bubble everybody outside the space talks about—fifteen years of work destroyed in two months by the masses.

For those that want to go with the old-style guys, knowing as long there is a genuine use-case behind something, stick with us. You’ve already read we’re in the right mojo and going with the Flow. Since DonMortelli joined our Core team, we’re complete to bring up great stuff. And we’re already doing: Soon there is something to test for a small group out there.

Back to topic; for everybody interested in our Matrix instance, join here (open for seven days):


See you soon, direct from the bushes, at your service! And by the way, use the hints as hints 😉 Go with the Flow Brothers and Sisters!