Blocto’s mobile wallet opens up new possibilities for the average Dapp user.


Today we’re taking a look at the Blocto cross chain crypto wallet, helping to onboard more crypto users into Dapps without the confusion of multiple chains, wallet and keys. Blocto revolutionise the way we interact with Dapps by allowing cross chain dapp interactions from one easy to use wallet. Mainly focusing on the problems with the Eth NFT scene Blocto allows users to Flow into new chains and make the most from their NFTs and Defi.

What is Blocto?

Blocto wallet was created by the Portto team, having found flaws in the way Dappers currently interact with smart contracts and crypto chains. Blocto aimed to ease the burden and allow users to use multiple chains from one app, creating a Steam store of sorts for Dapp users. With Flow, Eth and BSC coming together in one wallet. You’ll be able to use Dapps without worrying about what chain they’re on, what gas is needed and how to store your PKs. Allowing users to sign up with email, Blocto opens up the Dapp world to millions of potential new users.

BLT token for utility and governance

Blocto uses it’s native BLT token to allow utility and governance on the network. Users can eran BLT and “blocto points” in a variety of different ways, including staking, Vault and Swap. Swap is a Flow chain AMM trading platform, one of the only available on Flow network. Swap is opening up Defi options to Traders and the NFT market to NFT users. Balancer is a similar concept based on the Balancer chain. There’s also development on an auction house allowing multiple crosschain NFT sales. Not forgetting Blocto Vault for revenue sharing from their swaps and future partner programs.

Token Supply

BLT tokens have a total supply of 500m, with 100m for team and shareholders. 80m into ecosystem development and 80m for the Accelerator fund. With 25m towards the staking pool. Around 100m will be sold in public and private sales. The final 125m will be mined over a 4 year period by developers and users on the blocto network.

How to get Blocto Wallet?

You can download the Mobile wallet from their website (or iOS / Android stores) . There’s currently a desktop version being developed and some FlowTest net apps allow you to sign in using an email address synced with the network.

Dapps and services using Blocto?

Many Dapps and services are being built on Flow network which integrate the Blocto Wallet. One major NFT Dapp making the switch to Flow is “Dark Country” we featured them on Dapps.Buzz early in their development. Go check out their latest news, after their transition to FLOW things have really ramped up for them!

The Blocoto wallet really is a great tool for allowing users to get the best experience from Dapps! So much so Sloth has started developing on Flow and will have an Idle miner game coming soon. Find out more in our Discord. The rumour mill is filled with chatter of a massive NFT project coming soon from the CMF team so watch this space!

To conclude, Blocto could be the wallet of the future.

By stream lining the onboarding process and opening up cross / multiple chains to users Blocto looks set to create some big waves in the Dapp scene. Quick sign up and not having to worry about which chain / what gas tokens you need is an intuitive way to make everyone more comfortable using Crypto. Could this be the Steam Store of Dapps? Let’s hope they partner up with a Analytics site like Dappstats to provide even more quality Dapps to their users!

More info

You can find more info about Blocto and related products from their website. Get the latest info about the BLT token and Blocto Wallet (here). Follow them on social media, Telegram, Twitter or Discord and for you tech savvy users feel free to check out more info from Portto’s Github. Finally BLT token “one pager”.

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