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A little slower week then most we have had in the past few months 😊
8 hours to go DST/VOIDX
📌📌📌VOIDGLASS -> Treasury ->INVESTMENT _> Staking VOID📌📌📌
Congratz to all the PlayRoyal contest winners, the prizes have been sent out on your playroyal account
Prepare your #SCH tokens

Tomorrow, SUN-SCH pool will be activated and as more and sooner you stake your SCH #tokens,
you will get more share from the #SUN tokens to purchase by 50% OFF.

SUN-SCH pool duration: 72 hours
Users must unfreeze their sch tokens and freeze them in the new pools
The player can place a bet using TRX or SRX. The bet is placed on an interval of
numbers determined by the player himself. If the lucky number got within the limit of
this interval, the player wins.
SHARK TEETH is a digital asset based on TRC20, the technical standard used for TRON
blockchain tokens.
A total of 600,000,000 TTH tokens will be issued. The distribution of SHARK
TEETH is a completely decentralized process
which is carried out through the mining of
The only way to mine TTH tokens is to place a bet in the form of SHARK (SRX) or TRON (TRX) tokens.
SHARK TEETH tokens are credited for betting in the SHARK DICE app. A minimum bet of 20
SRX will bring you 4 TTH. A minimum bet in TRX is 50 TRX and will bring you 2 TTH. So, bets in
SRX token bring TTH tokens 2 times more than bets in TRX.
You can exchange TEETH tokens for TRX or USDT in JustSwap.
Welcome to ClickBee🐝
Telegrams Leading Crypto Advertising Network....

Get TRON (TRX) Tokens for completing tasks posted by our advertisers.

Collect TRON tokens and withdraw instantly to any wallet or crypto exchange.

Types of paid tasks:
🔸 View Telegram Posts
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You will earn 15% of each user's earnings from tasks for life.
🔥A new record this week! Over 1000 people played our games at the same time!
🔥Incredible replenishment at BetFury! DeFi token SUN is available for playing In-house games
Play : https://betfury.io/?r=5d83d06a596e771afe700da3
BzzzzBzzzzzzz!!! 🚀

DApp Review: LBRY – Content Freedom

LBRY just turned four a few weeks ago, and it’s better than ever. If you’re searching for the best YouTube alternative, don’t look further.

A slow and steady week 😊
New ETH Dapp !!
Stake your moonday
Rocket Only 1969 MOONDAY was created
Rocket 1% of transfers are burned
No more MoonDay ever created
Rocket Liquidity burned forever
buy on Uniswap :
Stake and Earn :
New Dapp Alert !!!
Able to withdraw 85% of the Capital .
Earn 3% to 8% every day! up to 200% of your Investment.
Atton Bank TRX Pay you automatically 3% to 8% Every Day Based on your investment.
3% ROI base and for every 1.000,000 TRX in the balance of the contract increases 0.1% up to a maximum of 8% ROI daily,
a percentage that guarantees a safe and sustainable investment system in the long term, up to 200% of your investment.
The dividends generate every second and you can withdraw or reinvest every day.
When you reinvest, the total investment would increase and you will get more earning

Earn 8% From The Referral Program And 1% Cashback for Joining with Referral Link !!.

Atton Bank TRX Pay you in 2 Levels of referral rewards: 6% Level 1 and 2% Level
2. The referral rewards are distributed to your balance automatically and you can withdraw it any time.

1% Cashback for Joining with Referral Link.
Here : https://attonbanktrx.com/?ref=TAjqyThAGq3FWahXUgxKZtgYhVHTdo7hWk
Buy Snack now , the price of Snack is increasing every 8 hours
1 SNACK = 37 TRX($1.00)

SNACK the Hottest Yield Farm on the TRON Network!
3 Pools open Stake for 5-10-15 % Daily ROI

Contract : Stake TKZ4tyDoyoknZVZvoBDX4DDRAuy496HUzD

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Disclaimer :https://www.dappstats.com/disclaimer
Started today . Minimum 10 TRX
Referral reward: 5 level
Aurora.Credit is based on a decentralized smart contract, which makes it a DeFi project.
The only difference is that your loan in Aurora.Credit does not depend on cryptocurrency fluctuations and cannot be liquidated,
as in the case of other DeFi.
After the end of the freeze time (timer on your loan (deposit)),
you can fully withdraw your collateral.
You can reinvest the received loan (income)
or use the generous bonus program by inviting your friends and acquaintances.
Sharks, we have prepared an important news! We are announcing the launch of an experimental SharkInvest investment project.
This is an experimental platform with a high investment risk and a large return in a short time.
We do not give any guarantees or terms of work for SharkInvest.
Everything will depend on the participants. This is a social experiment.
By participating in the development of SharkInvest you can invest your SRX, SWD, TRX and receive 15% profit per day for 15 days!
Earn with SharkInvest and withdraw profit anytime!
Website link :
Voidx and T2x Teams come together to create V2x!

Check out more information about the New yield farming launching tonight on Justswap before going live tomorrow!


For more information join the V2x Announcement channel!
Forwarded from Erika Dappstats

Welcome to the Happy Farmer Airdrop Bot.

You'll get 100 HPF ($250) simply for registering with this bot
– plus 10 HPF ($25) for each new user you refer to the bot.

What is HPF?

HPF is the native token of the DeFi project Happy Farmer.
It combines yield farming (with profits above 100% a year) and real farming.
Some of the revenue will go to promote the use of blockchain in agriculture.

How to get your airdrop

Follow the bot's instructions.
If you complete all the steps, you'll get 100 HPF ($250).
The overall airdrop fund is 1,000,000 HPF ($2.5 million).
You’ll be able to withdraw HPF from the bot to your wallet starting from October 29.

Contract : HPF = 0xced83c64f81181937691cd1d0229fbae63f2c1ff