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Wow what a great week this has been for DappStats div pool... The numbers just keep on climbing 😉
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League of Kingdoms: DappStats Alliance & Spin Wheel Wins!

Let’s get ready to rumble! We win spin wheel prizes while we’re planning our League of Kingdoms alliance. Want to join us??

Newly listed Casino Game , GRAND OPENING EVENT , Mining Discount , https://dappstats.io/crypcade
What’s new with Frag/Tronprime?

Find out all the latest updates from the biggest Dapps now via @dappstats_news on telegram!

@fragtoken is launching a Dexbox with 100k divs drop, hankbank and prime 4d! Find out more:

HankDrop is an exclusive event where players who deposit into Prime from below mine bonus tokens!
HankBucks are a new experimental token (by the developer of Prime/Frags/Goo)
which in future will be similar to a DAO & receive full lifetime divs from both past & future dapps! 😻You will find all Frag project in here : https://www.dappstats.com/list?search=frag
A fairly slow week for the DappStats div pool, but you know what the say its calm before the storm 😉, should be a great week ahead .
League of Kingdom's presale has started 🥳


Remember to show some love by giving a like and retweet for LoK announcement on twitter aswell 😉

New TRX Dapp , Daily Dividends , Great Referral Bonus https://www.dappstats.com/dapp/salechain
We are extremely excited to announce The Sandbox MoonSale

Starting on June 4th and following Moon cycles, we will have an intermediary series of LAND presales!

Learn more & Pre-Register : https://dappstats.io/sandbox
A little over 4 days left before the first presale is over and only 20% of the land is left from this presale.

Get in now if you plan on getting a nice piece of land 😉

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No News, but EOS is back: And so the games.

EOS is doing better since the update to EOSIO v2.0.0.0, and I can rejoin my beloved games on this blockchain. DappStats? We need the stats!

Only 3 days to go before first presale is over


PS: If your planning on joining check before you buy the land, so we can invite you to our private group and buy land near us 😉